“Mum…I’m home”

Just a quick introduction into my very first short horror story! This is just a taster from a full piece I am working on. Hope you like, feel free to leave a comment or a question.

Enjoy xox


“Mum…I’m home” By Kirsty Kell 2014©KellProductions

Jane is sitting in the kitchen enjoying a nice cup of coffee and a chocolate biscuit, the only time of the day where she can finally relax. It’s that point after the tidying and before the kids get back from school.

Everyday she has her routine; Breakfast, school run, drops her daughter at work, tidying and cleaning and then her biscuit and coffee.

Getting to her comfortable zone that she’s used to she hears a noise upstairs. It’s is unusual…no one else is in at this time.

Jane slowly goes to the bottom of the stairs to investigate, listening in upstairs to hears what the sound might be. She hears a loud and powerful drop and skittering across the floor. Something or someone is upstairs.

“Hello?” Shouts up Jane, and something moves quick and heavy to her daughters room. Jane is frozen and stunned.

“What do I do?” She can’t think of anything else but to shout up once again.  She gives out a somewhat questionable yell that even she thinks is pathetic, so what would a robber think? Thinking to herself she needs to seem more confident, she gains courage and authority and lets out a loud and strong “Who’s there?”

No answer and no noise is heard.

“I’m phoning the police!” she yells. Walking over to the phone in a hurry with her eyes focused on the stairs so she’s sure to know if someone is coming down, she turns to dial in the number. A loud thud, as something heavy has dropped down hard on the floor upstairs, shakes though out the house making Jane drop the phone.

“Mum?!” yells a familiar voice.


She hears whimpering and sobbing coming from the room. Jane panics up the stairs to her daughters room swinging the door open to see her lifeless daughter lying on the floor with her face lying flat on the ground.

Her whimpering has stopped, she is motionless. Jane goes into maternal mode and rushes to her body, trying to see her face but it’s covered by her long black her.

Her body is ice cold, and blood stains are over her night gown.

Jane is confused, scared and still. She doesn’t know what to do.

Suddenly a knock at the door breaks her shock, finally someone to help she thinks to herself. The person knocks loudly on the door then waits.

Jane tries to move Shannon’s body closer to the door as she can’t bear to leave her daughter. But Shannon’s body wont budge. The person becomes impatient and bangs loudly on the door, Jane knows she has to get there attention before they leave.

She runs out to the hallway and to the top of the stairs, “Help!” She shouts down, “Help, its my daughter”.

“Mum?” a voice peeps through the letterbox.

“Shannon?” Jane asks confusingly.

“Yeah, it’s me. I forgot my keys. I tried to phone but the phone is off the hook, let me in”.

Jane’s blood runs cold and she stares confusingly at the door.

“No, I just…”

“Mum let me in” shouts Shannon.

“You were in your room, I saw…”

Jane hears a noise, and her instincts tell her to turn around.

She slowly turns to face her daughters bedroom door, and standing in the frame is ‘Shannon’s’ body, lifeless and cold as it was before with the long black head falling over her face.. Jane is stunned and can’t move as she looks at the copy of her daughter.

Blood what was once stained is now fresh dripping slowly down her dress.

“You’re not my Shannon” Jane stutters.

The girl tilts her head sideways letting out a crack as if bones had snapped.

“Mum…I’m home” the girl says in a distorted voice.Jane turns to run but something grabs her foot.

She falls, waiting…

waiting for something

to grab her again,

waiting for something to drag her,

waiting for anything…

Still waiting for what seemed like forever, Jane turns to her daughters door to see nothing. She slowly sits up, thinking she imagined it all. Feeling her heartbeat regulate she feels relief, everything fine.

Shannon still knocking on the door, Jane is calm. She turns to go downstairs and hears something behind her, before she can turn she hears a loud distorted voice shouting “Mummy!” then is grabbed from behind and dragged into her room by the mysterious girl. The door slamming shut behind her with the echo “Mummy” slipping out one last time.


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