The Dissembler

So, here is a snippet from a movie script I’m working on. It’s is super early days and a very rough copy,  but as I am aiming to maybe put up one story a day, I thought this might be a nice teaser read. Enjoy, and once again, feel free to leave a comment letting me know what you think xox


The Dissembler by Kirsty Kell        2014©KellProductions

In a basement, a news report can be heard muffled in the back ground. The camera pans round to a wall with news paper clippings on it dating from 1999 to the last being 2004. They are reports of several missing girls of different ages, connecting them is red tape from one clipping to another.

Now a sharpening sound can be heard more clearly as well as the news report. Camera pans round to a man with his back facing the camera, he is at a desk. Shot of the desk shows different torture instruments like knives, small rusty saws, screwdrivers and some home-made tools. The man is sharpening a butter knife and attaching things to it. The camera turns to the dog happily lying to his right, then muffled screams and crying can be heard as well as the full news report:

Reporter #1: 15 year old, Katy Turner has disappeared from home yesterday evening. Her mother said she was last seen in her room doing homework at 7pm, and when she checked again at 9pm, she was gone. Police have not yet commented on the case with detail.

(The man stops and listens to the news report)

Neighbour: Well, Katy was always a good girl. She’d never just disappear out if thin air. Someone must have taken her.
Reporter: Who would have taken her? Did she have any enemies? People who wanted to hurt her?

Neighbour: No, she was a confident, nice natured girl. It has to be that man, y’know. Who’s been kidnapping all those girls?
Reporter #2: 5 years ago, young girls aged between 8-14 (camera pans over news clippings on wall again) have been reported missing. None have any connection to each other except their deaths. All of the victims had been tortured, beating and disassembled beyond recognition in horrific ways. The public began calling the killer the ‘Dissembler’.

(Camera pans round to where the muffled screams are coming from to see a girl tied to an old rusty dentist chair. Strapped down and crying) the last girl to be adducted was Stacy Harris, 12 years old last summer, and her remains where found the following week.
Reporter #1: Police have not yet found any cause to believe this disappearance is in relation to the ‘Dissembler’. Police ensure Katy Turner will be found in…
Man turns news report off and stands up. His faced shadowed. He slowly walks to the girl with heavy footsteps, the girl trying to scream and frantic. He gets really close to her face
Man: You don’t believe that do you Katy? They’ll find you? You go home? Be safe? *laughs* No, of course you don’t. Look at all my girls, none of them got away. And neither will you.
The man gets really close to Katy, like going in for a kiss, he smells her hair and backs off.
Man: Soon. Soon, Katy.
The man walks towards the TV and puts on a radio channel with an upbeat tune he begins to whistle it as he walks to the stairs. He gets to the bottom of the staircase and stops, looks back at the dog and calls on it.
Man: Champ. *whistles* he boy.
Dog goes to him.
Man: Now, you be a good girl Katy and don’t go anywhere.
He begins to laugh at this while walking up the stairs. When he gets to the top still laughing the camera’s on Katy and begins to slowly zoom in on her terrified face.

The door slams shut



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