“Mum…I’m home” Part 2

As some may have read before a short story I wrote, the very first one a put up on this blog. I heard a lot of good feedback, and interest in it continuing so I have continued it. If you haven’t read the first one, have a wee read before this one as it will just leave you confused.

Enjoy xox

“Mum…I’m home” By Kirsty Kell 2015©KellProductions

Jane feels herself still. Not moving and her eyes shut tight. She muster’s some courage to open one eye then the other. But nothing changes; darkness fills the space she’s in. Jane tries to listen, look and move around to find something, just something to let her know what’s going on.
The room Jane was dragged into was her own, she knows it well. Where the bed should be, where her side table is, where the dresser is. The room isn’t too big, so everything is in touching distance, but Jane can’t feel a thing. She remains close to floor, in crawling position so she doesn’t fall but her panic is overtaking her. Why can’t she feel where her dresser or bed is.
Even the floor feels different to her plump soft carpet; this feels cold and hard like stone. Jane started to contemplate that she might be dreaming. None of this is real, she fell asleep having drinking her afternoon tea in front of the telly.
“Wake up” Jane whispers to herself.

“Wake up now.” Jane says louder.
She is shocked to hear the echo of her voice. Seems so real. But it gives her a better idea of her surroundings; the echo was deep and far. She’s not in her bedroom, she’s somewhere different, somewhere that scares her.
“Just wake up! Wake up!!!” Yells Jane echoing through this empty space.
All Jane can hear is her voice, begging in the distance. But something else is there, she can faintly hear another’s voice.
“Mum!!Open the door please?! You’re scaring me”
Suddenly Jane hears a loud shriek and pushing past her that prompts her to stand up in fear.. She gets head rush standing up so quickly and everything starts to feel a bit fuzzy.
Her eyes now adjusted a little, Jane looks around her. It is her room, everything is where it is. The blinds are shut with little light creeping in but it’s her room. Jane tries to make sense of it all, hearing Shannon still banging on the door outside. Everything seemed normal.

But then, sobbing is heard. Jane is terrified to look around. It’s not over yet.
She doesn’t want to continue with this horror-some event. She doesn’t want to feel nothing but fear in her heart but deep down she knows the only way to make it stop it to look around and find out what’s going on.
Jane turns round with her eyes tight shut in the direction of the noise, then slowly opens them when she feels comfortable. She sees a young girl curled up crying in the corner.
“Hello?” Jane extends out “Who are you?”
Jane moves closer to the girl, until she starts to look familiar.
Jane’s confusion grows as she can still hear grown Shannon banging on the door downstairs.
“It can’t be?”
Jane moves closer to the girl with caution, remembering what happened last time. She is close to the girl and nothing happens but the girl continuing to cry.
“You’re not Shannon”
The cry ignores Jane’s and continues with her sobbing.
“What do you want?” Jane says “WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!” Jane yells at the being.
The girl suddenly stops crying and lifts her head. Jane takes a step back. Slowly turning her head, making a crack of every bone used, the girl finally faces Jane. \Jane is shocked and gasps in terror to see ‘Shannon’ with no eyes and no nose, just a creepy large smile.
“I want you, Mummy” says the being in a deformed Shannon voice.
Jane screams and runs for the door swinging it open. As she tries to go through it, a force pushes her back into the room throwing her in the middle of the floor.
Jane is stunned, she can’t move. She hears the girl slowly standing up with every bone cracking in unison. The girl slowly moves towards Jane, and past her. Jane is relieved a bit, maybe she’s leaving? Maybe I’ll be okay. The girl gets to the door and turns around to face Jane with her facelessness and large smile. The girl slowly closes the door, shutting out any light.
Jane is once again in the dark with little light shinning through the blinds. The girl falls to the ground. Jane is confused, and hoping that it has stopped, but with little hope that Jane had, it disappeared instantly. The girl starts to slowly crawl towards Jane with her crack of a bone in a movement. Jane is still, she can’t move or scream at the horror she is seeing. The girl continues to move slowly towards Jane, with cracking bones and nothing but a large smile for Jane to see.
Suddenly stopping halfway to Jane, something changes.

The girl stops, and laughs before launching herself at Jane, crawling fast towards her. Jane screams in fear and terror, trying to defend herself. Her eyes are shut and she screaming, pushing this thing of her. Everything else is unfocused to Jane, switched off. Jane feels a force overpowering her and pushing her down. She screams more and louder, but a voice overbears her.
Jane shoots her eyes open, it’s Shannon. Real Shannon standing over her.
“What’s going on? I was calling for ages. I heard you screaming” asks Shannon
“Where is she?” cries out Jane
“The girl! The girl! She attacked me” Jane says sobbing through her words.
Jane pulls tight in Shannon’s arms crying hard. Shannon looks on at shock and doesn’t understand. Something prompts her to look around, specifically in the corner where the girl was. Shannon shocked and confused she turns to her mum

“Mum, who wrote that?”

“What?” asks Jane turning around
In the corner of the wall, in blood it reads “Mum…I’m home.”


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