Book sneak Peek 2.

First off, apologies to not writing anything in awhile. I have recently started a new job, and trying to find a balance between writing new material, working and dealing with a hyper collie puppy. So chaotic is the word that SHOULD be used in this situation. As I haven’t writing anything new (that I am willing to share, have lots of new stuff just not readable ready yet). I thought people might like a second sneak peek at the book I am writing.

This is a biggie. I am willing to share the first full chapter of it! This is the edited and (almost) finalised chapter. To make up for not writing anything in like a month.

Hope you enjoy, and once again, feedback is welcome. xox

Crystal clear black skies fill a large empty forest with whispering trees. Fog sweeps across the grounds covering any sight of soil and grass. A young woman in her early 20s is walking through the forest confused with a young girl, walking aimlessly and without direction. She and her daughter are lost; her daughter is only 9 years old but looks younger with a face of pure innocence and naivety. She’s very timid and shy like a feral kitten that has been cornered. Clinging onto her mother, she follows her aimlessly into what seems like nothingness. The mother is distracted from her daughter and seems more anxious to find a way out of the forest, like any rational mother would. She is not fearful or scared just anxious, confused and frustrated – she only wants to find her way. She doesn’t realise how unexplainably terrified her little girl is that has attached herself to her arm, pulling tighter as they continue on their discovery of the forest. Trying to find some path or sense of course, the mother tries to reinsure her daughter and herself as things begin to get more tense and unknown.

“Its okay sweetie, we’ll find a way out soon. I promise.” She says soothingly
“It’s just around here, I think I remember that – don’t you? We’re very close I can tell. Just hold onto mummy yeah?”

As they walk further and further into what seems to be emptiness they come across a path. A long bendy path, she can’t see where it leads to because of the bend but a path none the less. Letting out a sigh of relief, a glimmer of hope is shun but not for long. The daughter and her follow quickly taking big footsteps that it feels like the girl is jumping each one. Shortly following the path, a split is discovered. These two directions lead to; a lake where you can see the moon in full shining beautifully and its reflection glistering across the water, very peacefully and untouched. And the other way led to a house. Finally! A house, some sort of civilisation. The house looks unnerving and worn down, almost abandoned but not quite. Its three stories high and big, its must’ve been a family holiday home at one point. As the mother tries to find some sort of sense and make a decision in which way to go she spots a light on in the house. Only one light is on in the attic. Someone’s in! Someone can help.

“Okay sweetie, we’re going to see if anyone’s home and ask to use their phone okay?” says the mother bending down to her daughter who has fixated her sight on the house.
“Mummy no”
“It’s fine. Don’t be scared. There’s nothing to be frightened off, someone’s going to help”
“No, can we go this way please?”
“That doesn’t lead anywhere sweetie, it’s just a lake”
“Please –“
“No, we have to go this way, c’mon”

As much as her mother tried to convince her otherwise, there was something to be frightened off, she just didn’t know what but she knew it was bad and paralysing. And what else she knew was the lake made her feel safe, and warm. The mother fast paced walks to the house, with her daughter reluctantly following holding her mother’s hand trying to pull against the mother’s force but she was too determined. They both stop at the bottom of the stairs leading to the front door. Something unnerves the pair- something very odd and clear. The door, its red, really red, and compared to the rest of the house looks in good condition; like it’s been recently painted. The mother takes one last look at the door before taking her first slow step onto the stairs. Her conclusion was the house must be being renovated or something along that; but that didn’t stop her from feeling uneasy. She takes slow steps closer to the big red door, and as she does she feels more and more intimidated. Shaking it off, she continues her journey. She needs to find help and this is her only option. She steps up to the intimidating door, doubting herself whether or not this is in fact a good idea, but what else can she do. She knocks confidently on the door 3 times. As she does so, the door slowly creeks open as if it was not shut properly. Blackness pears out from the open crack with a cold breeze hitting the pair like an unwelcomed guest. The mother slowly pushes open the door to get a clearer look inside.

“Hello? Is anyone there? Hello? Anyone?” shouts the mother

No one answers.

“Hello! I’m looking for some help?”

The house seems shriekingly empty, nothing can be heard a part from the echo of the mothers voice. She slowly peek’s her head slightly round the door, scoping the house. It’s hard to determine what anything is a part from rough outlines and shapes. Whilst most of the house was bear and empty, big furniture is covered by stained white sheets and across from the door was a staircase freshly painted white. Her eyes begin to adjust to the darkness and she can see a bit more clearly, as the continuation of the investigation of the house, a phone on a plain white table is spotted just metres away from the door, seducing the mother.

“I just need to use your phone, anyone?” yells the mother
“Just a quick phone call? Hello?”

The house replies with silence.

“Okay sweetie I want you to wait here, okay?”
“No mummy, please. I –” whispers the girl
“You have to be a big girl okay? And big girls are brave and strong and don’t cry okay sweetheart? Look, I am just going to be right there, see. Not that far away from you. I’m going to call for help then we can leave okay?”
“But mumm-
“Good girl, wait here”
She begins to make her way into the house calling out but still no reply. The noise is more for her benefit as the silence was overbearing and dead like and without the noise she would become frozen with fear; so she continues to call out. After a few steps and she’s reached the telephone, picking it up which she thought would give her relief instead gave a massive shiver up her spine.

“Hurry up mummy, I don’t like it here.” Weeps the girl
“Okay sweetie. It’s okay”

She swiftly types in numbers, she’s thankful as the phone begins to ring.

Operator: hello, how can I –

Phone cuts off and the line goes dead.

“Hello? Hello? Shit” says the mother.

Panic, worry and uncertainty sets into the mother as she wonders next what to do with her mind thinking rapidly.

“Mummy?” squeaks the girl
“Its okay sweetie, the phones just needing fixed.” The mother says with clear panic in her voice

Faints sounds can slowly be heard from upstairs not enough to make out what it is, slowly start making its way the downstairs. What started off as quiet muffled barely audible sounds begins to become clear and more defined music that can only be described as circus music. The mother with her intense staring at the stairs is still, not able to even let out a breath. Growing louder is clown laughter, a forceful, creepy, hysterical laughter that shot fear into the mother.

“Mummy?” the girl says with terror quivering in her voice
“It’s ..I…It’s…” she cannot find the words to reassure her daughter, she can only fixate on the stairs.

The mother in a daze begins to move slowly to the stairs with fear still imprinted on her face. An older teenage voice yells

“Mum!! Don’t go upstairs”

The girl, 17 now, standing there in white, blood stained clothes not being able to take her stares off her mother moving ever closer to the stairs.

“It’s okay honey. It’s going to be okay” says the mother

The door suddenly slams shut on the girl leaving her outside all by herself with fear and panic ringing in her ears. She looks through the front window of the big red door on the patio helplessly to see her mother. Sobbing, screaming for her mum’s attention, she feels powerless as her mother continues the torturing walk towards the stairs, eyes fixed on them.

“Don’t! Please!!” she screams
“It’s ok, it’s going to be fine” blankly says the mother.

As she painfully watches her mother go upstairs, one horrific step at a time, the music now overtaking any other noise, being all the girl can hear; the mother reaches the top of the stairs and the music cuts out. Silence sucks everything else away. The girl frozen, waiting for the moment to happen then suddenly it does. A scream breaks the silence and blood splatters down the freshly white stairs smearing the walls with warm thick red blood like rain. The girl lets out a painful scream, shrieking with fear before reason takes over. She runs. Motivated by fear and terror, she runs down the only path available to her, and then curiosity’s voice tells her to look back at that red-blood like door, so she does. Looking deep at the door it suddenly flies open as the blackness bleeds into the forest and a loud terrifying shriek escapes. The girl continues to run down the only path in her sight sweating with panic. She comes upon the split in the road again and moves with haste to the lake, it was her last option and it made her feel safe like it did before. Running with all her strength, the beautiful lake gets closer and a small boat is in sight. Relief and hope spread throughout her body as she makes a dash toward the boat. As the glimmer of hope she has fought for becomes a possibility she feels a tight grasp around her ankle pulling and falls to the ground. As her sanctuary, slowly disappears from her, she lets out an enormous cry. With nothing happening, she slowly with caution looks around and see’s…nothing. She slowly begins to get up, looking around. As she stands and see’s nothing in her sight but trees, clear skies and the boat she is confused. She takes a few cautious steps to test her luck, but still nothing. She continues to bit by bit walk realising she must have tripped on something, her safety and comfort coming back to her. Making her way slowly to the boat, so close she can touch it, she hears something. She slowly turns to investigate before an almighty tight heavy clutch at her leg pulls her to the ground and drags her away.