Arkham Asylum – Scarface Episode 2

Here is the second addition to the Arkham Asylum Scarface episodes. There is a total of 4 and more characters too. Feel free to check it out and leave a comment.

And don’t forget to read the first episode


Episode 2 – “Exactly, why?”

Anna is in her cell, pacing back and forth. She is building up the courage to talk but can’t. She stops a few times in front a Scarface to talk but nothing comes out. Then she goes back to pacing.


Scarface: STOP! You’re making us dizzy with all your walking. Got something to say say it!

Anna: why do you do it?

Scarface: Do what? I don’t know what youre talking about

Anna: YOU DO! You don’t show people how much you say you love me? You never show anyone. They all think I’m crazy in here. They think I’m nuts

Scarface: But you are nuts doll face.

Anna: NO! Stop it! You know what I mean!

Scarface: You mean like burning down that house?

Anna: That was you!

Scarface: Or when you pushed that guy off the bridge?

Anna: You made me…

Scarface begins to laugh

Scarface: Or when you –

Anna: STOP!!It was all you!

Scareface: You want to believe that don’t you. You’re always trying to make me out to be the villain, but it falls on you too!

Anna: No-

Scarface: You wanted it too

Anna: I didn’t, I –

Scarface: And better yet, you LIKED it


A guard hears the shouting and bangs on the cell door.

Guard: SHUT IT! See any lights on? NO! Go to sleep inmate.

Anna looks a Scarface sitting on the bed not moving, lifeless, a dummy.

Anna whispers: Why?

Scarface: Why what?

Anna: Why do you never show people? I did all those things for you. I love you. And you don’t do anything but hurt me, make me look stupid. They think I’m psychotic, like I made you up! That’s why they think I’m nuts.

Scarface doesn’t respond

Anna: Aren’t you going to say anything?

He still doesn’t respond

Anna: Scarface? Say something


Anna: TALK!

Scarface: See, you come to me. You NEED me. I don’t make you nuts, you do. They think you’re crazy because you ACT crazy. You have no composure, no ‘chill’ *he laughs*. That’s why we got caught. That’s why you’re in here.

Anna has a realisation. She did need him, but he didn’t need her nor did he want her. She was just there and he was having fun with her. Everything was a game, he liked them and everything was a test for her. And she was tired.


Anna: I’m done. I can’t do this. I don’t want to be crazy. I just want normal things.

Scarface: But you’re not normal, you can’t toots.

Anna: Fall in love –

Scarface: You love me

Anna: Get married –

Scarface: HA! Sugar marriage is overrated

Anna: Have children –

Scarface: We hate children!

Anna: Have a family

Scarface: God! It’s like you’re not even listening to me, Doll face!

Anna: A normal life

Scarface: If you want normal toots, why are you with me?

Anna looks back at him blankly

Anna: Exactly, why?

Arkham Asylum – Scarface

This was a project I was working on with a few people but unfortunately didn’t happen. So I thought I’d continue on with some of my ideas. A part from your standard Batman movies, I have no real experience with the comic books or fan fiction sides of things. But I love insanity and creepy things so I loved the idea of this project. There are 3 episodes in this story. I will publish them all separately.



Episode 1 – “He’s real I tell you”

Opening scene: Anna is in a canteen sitting on a table with Scarface They are whispering about doing a performance. This “conversation” gets noticed by people.

Anna: Okay, okay. But if we do it we have to do it my way okay?


Anna: But you said I could. Please, okay? If you love me you – Thank you.

(She’s looking timidly around, trying to arouse more attention. People notice and begin to watch. She conjures some courage and begins her performance)

Anna: H-Hello everyone, I am The Ventriloquist.

Scarface: Like they care.

(Some small laughter)

Anna: And this is –

Scarface: The good looking one.


Anna: Will you please stop it, your ruining our show! This is Scarface. So, what about that –

Scarface: Hey toots! You suck; why not let me take over?

(Laughter grows)

Anna: Sca-

Scarface: Did I say you could talk? Don’t think I did. And people think I’m the dummy.

Anna: (whispers to him) But you promised me.

Scarface: Women! You can never get them to shut up, am I right? And talk about clingy, she’s always got tails on my ass. Literally.

(Laughter continues to grow)

Scarface: I mean, I do love the girl, don’t get me wrong, but once and awhile I’d like to do the penetrating.

(Laughter grows)

Anna: Please –

Scarface: I’m not done.  And talk about the height difference. I think I have constant whiplash. If the guys taller you get to look down and see her good angle. Ever looked up at a chick from this angle? I’m telling you it ain’t pretty man.

Anna: Stop it!

Scarface: Hey babe. I’m just having a laugh. We’re killing it see.

(Laughter continues)

Anna: No, it’s not funny you promised we’d do it my way?

Scarface: Yeah but your way was, how can I put this? *pretends to snore* boring!

(Laughter gets louder)

Spectator #1: You’re some funny girl!

Anna: What?

Spectator #2: How do you do it!

Anna: Do what?

Spectator #1: C’mon. Don’t act dumb now sweet cheeks

Anna looks down at Scarface who is staring at her.

Scarface: They won’t believe you.

Anna: No, he’s real.

(Laughter begins again)

Anna: I’m serious. He’s real.

Spectator: Sure thing chick!

Anna: No! I can prove it!

Anna walks away from Scarface leaving him on the table.

Anna: Tell them.

(Scarface is sitting, staring blankly back at Anna)

Anna: Tell them!  Why are you doing this? Just tell them. Talk to me!

Spectator #3: Love, do you really expect us to be-

Anna: Shush, I swear! He is. Talk to me darling, please.


Just say something. Anything.



(The spectators start to walk away, some still chuckling. Some bored of her protesting.)

Anna: I swear! Why don’t you believe me? He’s real.

 (As everyone is gone, she moves back to Scarface hurt and upset.)

Scarface: See! I told you no one would believe you

Anna: Why didn’t you show them?

Scarface: Because it ain’t got nothin’ to do with anyone.

Anna: But they laughed at me.

Scarface: It was a show, they were supposed to laugh.

Anna: You mean it was your show.

Scarface: Hey! Don’t take the huff with me. You wanted a show, I did a show. What you upset about?

Anna: Those things you said about me.

Scarface: It was an act, I didn’t mean it.

Anna: How do I know?

Scarface: Because I love you twoots, you know I do.

Anna: It doesn’t feel like it, why do you never talk about it?

Scarface: Talk about what?

Anna: Marrying me?

Scarface: Not this again, you know we will soon.

Anna: But when?  I need to –

Scarafce: I SAID SOON! I’m sick of this!

Anna: I was only wondering, I-

Scarface: Well don’t! You know I don’t like all these questions and attitude.

Anna: I’m sorry.

Scarface: We were having a good time, getting laugh’s and you ruined it!

Anna: I’m sorry.

Scarface: Like you ruin everything!

Anna: I’m really sorry, I –

Scarface: Just do what I say and everything works out, doesn’t it?

Anna: Yeah.

Scarface: Good. Now let’s go. I’m sick of in here. Let’s go see where they keep their good meds.

(Anna picks up Scarface cradling him like a precious possession, walking away, blackout)