Arkham Asylum – Jane Doe Episode 1

Here is the next set of the Arkham Asylum’s. Hope you enjoy.

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Episode 1 – “I am Jane Doe.”


In an interview room, with a table, chairs on either side and a voice recorder on it, the guards bring in a female screaming and throwing herself about. She’s crying out how she’s not meant to be there. They sit her down and restrain her.

Guard #1: Sit down and stay there! The Doctor will be in shortly.

Girl: Who?

Guard #1: You know-

Guard #2: We’re not meant to talk to her.

Girl: Please, please. I’m not meant to be here. I dunno what I’ve done. I’m sorry.

Guard #1: Crazy bitch.


The guards leave with the girl still crying. She’s shaking with genuine fear and looks to be truly confused. In walks the Doctor.

Doctor: Hello Jane.

Girl: Who?

Doctor: Jane. Jane Doe

Girl: I don’t know who that is, please, I’ll do –

Doctor: Jane Doe. Female. Age unknown. American, notable serial killer, likes to become her victims. Can imitate them perfectly. Is that what you’re doing now? Imitating?

Girl: I don’t know what you’re talking about. My name is Jessica, Jessica Le-

Doctor: Jessica Lennon. Was that your last victim Jane? She was 24, worked as an attorney. Had access to a lot of information, what did you need to information for?

Girl: PLEASE! I don’t know what you’re talking about. I SWEAR!

She begins to cry

Why am I here?

Doctor: You seem like a very intelligent woman, actually according to your records and history, I know for a fact you are. So let’s cut the bullshit shall we? Do I look like the type of man to eventually believe you?


Girl still whimpering, looks directly at him for the first time remaining eye contact then completely changes. She stops instantly crying and sits up straight with pose.

Jane: I swear a few more minutes and you could of. Do you always swear at your patients? Is that allowed?

Doctor: If you believe you could convince me, why did you stop?

Jane: It wasn’t fun anymore. You seem like no fun

Doctor: Are you Jane Doe?

Jane Doe: That’s what your records say, then I must be.

Doctor: That isn’t a proper answer.

Jane: You didn’t ask a proper question.

Doctor: What is that meant to mean, Jane?

She doesn’t answer him

Doctor: Silent treatment already, we’ve only just started?

Jane laughs gently and smugly

Jane: Yes Doctor, it seems we have.




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