Arkham Asylum – Jane Doe Episode 3

Episode 3



Jane is sitting in a blank white walled small box room. There is a chaise lounge on one side of the room and a chair and table opposite. Sitting on a chaise lounge, Jane is calm and still. Doctor walks in with an orderly.

Doctor: Good Evening Jane, how are you today?

Jane: Isn’t this cosy?

Doctor: Do you like it, it’s more – comfortable.

Jane: Now, Doctor, are you thinking of some therapy sessions today?

Doctor: What makes you think that, Jane?

Jane: Well, this nice set up, long couch, you on one end, me on the other. Looking for some more bonding?

Doctor: Do you want therapy? Have you ever had it before?

Jane: Whenever I was 11, my mum took me –

Doctor laughs. Jane darts her head towards him. Glares at him, she isn’t impressed.

Jane: It’s rude to interrupt people’s stories.

Doctor: And Lord knows I do love your stories Jane. How quickly you get into character, is it though? A character?

Jane: I don’t think I follow, Doctor.

Doctor: Is it a made up character or a victim’s story?

Jane: Well, if you let me finish my story…you might’ve found out.

Doctor: Well, Jane, I’m sick of stories, I’m sick of these little games. You’ve been here a week now and it’s just all stories. Going around in circles. I’m a little bored to be honest with you. Now I want facts.

Jane: Bored? Already? That’s a little disappointing. I thought you were in it for the long haul. I guess not.

Doctor: Sorry to disappoint you. Now, let’s get some truths shall we?

Jane: So, do you want me to lie down, breath slowly and start from the beginning? Is that it Doctor?

Doctor smiles at Jane

Doctor: Not quite Jane. I am thinking about doing a hypnosis session.
Jane: Hypnosis?

Doctor: Yes, Jane.

Jane begins to laugh hysterically, the Doctor remains smiling.

Jane: If I recall, hypnosis – not only being utter shit – but if one does believe it works, it only works on – how should I put this – weak willed minds. Do you think I am weak minded Doctor? Do you think it will work?

Jane’s laughter slowly turns, her tone changes from humor to insult.

Jane: Do I look like I am weak willed, compliant? Do you think I will be submissive? Do I look like the obedient kind of girl Doctor? Do I?

Doctor’s smile remains which makes Jane more frustrated.

Doctor: No,no you don’t Jane.

The Doctor nods at the orderly. And he lunges at Jane and tries to pin her down. She struggles and begins to wrap her legs round his neck, ready to snap it the Doctor then jumps in with a needle and injects her. Jane screams. She immediately goes limp, letting go of the orderly.


Doctor: It’s a sedative mixed with a muscle relaxer. You know, to make you more compliant.

Jane: You tricked me with him, it was a distraction.

Doctor: I thought you like tricks Jane. Tricks, games, stories? I thought that was your kinda thing.

Jane: I will kill you!

Doctor: Don’t be like that Jane. Let’s go back to being friends.

Jane begins to become a little breathless.

Jane: Do you really think this will make me talk to you? Give you the answers you want?

Doctor: We will see. Now, Jane. As the serum is working its way in your body, you will lose a quick percentage of your body’s energy, so if I was you I’d focus on what parts you want to work, and not waste the little energy you have. For example; Fighting the serum and anger is wasting your breathing energy. Can’t have it all unfortunately. So you either, calm down or you can fight it and possible stop breathing. Because that breathlessness will just get worse.

Jane stares at him with disgust and anger but begins to relax.

Doctor: Good girl. You’re making the right decision.

The Doctor pulls out a metronome and sets it slow.

Jane: Really? – You –Think that – will

Doctor: Focus Jane. Is arguing the best thing right now?

Jane becomes submissive and relaxes again much to the Doctor’s glee

Doctor: Good. Now, I’ll start with something easy. If you can keep it with yes or no answers, to save your energies for the more … difficult questions.

Jane is silent.

Doctor: Do you understand that?

She remains silent.

Doctor: Really, Jane? I feel like we’re passed this. Now, do you understand?

Jane: Yes

Doctor: Good girl! See we are getting somewhere.

The doctor begins to talk slow and calming

Now, I want you to fully relax. Immerse yourself into your body. Feel your breathing, relax. I want you to imagine walking down stairs. Walking down a long flight of stairs slowly. It’s effortless, gravity is gently pulling you down. You don’t have to use much effort at all. Keep walking. Are you relaxed Jane?

Jane: Yes.

Doctor: Good, let’s start with something nice and simple. Do you know why you are here Jane?

Jane: Yes.

Doctor: You got caught, is that correct?

Jane: Yes.

Doctor: Pretending to be someone?

Jane: Yes.

Doctor: Your latest victim?

Jane: Yes.

Doctor: Did you kill her?

Jane: Yes.

Doctor: Did you hate her?

Jane: No.

Doctor: Did you like her?

Jane: No.

Doctor: Did you like any of your victims?

Jane: Yes.

Doctor: Give me a name.

Jane: Martha

Doctor: Martha? We don’t have record of a Martha, Martha who?

Jane: Martha.

Doctor: Do you know her last name?

Jane: No.

Doctor: Jane, what is your real name?

Jane is unresponsive.

Doctor: Jane, tell me your name?

Jane is still unresponsive.

Doctor: What age are you?


Doctor: Where were you born?

Still nothing. The Doctor begins to get irritate.

Doctor: Jane?

Jane: Yes

Doctor: Do you understand what I am asking you?

Jane: Yes

Doctor: What is your name?

Jane: Martha

Doctor: Is Martha your name?

Jane: Martha

Doctor: Or is she your victim?

Jane: Martha

Doctor: Is that your name?

Jane: Martha

Doctor: Martha who, Jane? Martha who?

Jane: Martha

Doctor: MARTHA WHO?!

Jane: Martha, she was a friend that lived next door to me when I was 9 –

The Doctor sighs.

She was a good friend, mousey little child. I took –

Doctor: Another story. Isn’t it Jane? Another act, another sham, another tale.

Jane: Doctor, whatever do you mean?

Jane is mocking the Doctor. Then begins to laugh hysterically.

Jane: Did you really think any of this would work on me Doctor? I thought you said you didn’t like games? You seem to play them very well.

Doctor: This session is over.

The Doctor storms out the room defeated. The orderly follows him for further instructions. Jane is alone.

Jane: It’s not over. It hasn’t even started yet.

Arkham Asylum – Jane Doe Episode 2

Episode 2


In interview room again, Jane is already settled in her seat after lunch.

Doctor: Nice to see you again, Jane. Do you mind if I call you Jane? I know that’s not your actual name.

Jane: How do you know?

Doctor: How do I know what? That that’s not your name?

Jane: Yes

Doctor: Well, I suppose I don’t. We don’t have any information you. No birth date, no birth certificate, no birth place, no finger prints. Nothing from you, hell, some of us aren’t 100% convinced you’re female.

Jane giggles. She finds him humorous

Doctor: But due to your preference of using female identities, and you never stay as a male figure long – well, until the purpose has served. I’m going to guess you are a female. Or at least identify as one internally.

Jane: Would you like to find out?

The Doctor smirks.

Doctor: Actually, I am glad you asked, I’d love to know you.

Jane: Well, I am here to please. What do you want to know?

Doctor: What’s your name?

Jane: My name Rebbecca Bilious. Two B’s

Doctor: Interesting name, middle names?

Jane: None, I guess the extra b was enough.

Doctor: Who named you? Your mother or father?

Jane: Neither. They died when I was very young, an infant -maybe one, one and a half. Well that’s what I was told.

Doctor: So who raised you?

Jane: My aunt. She was a lovely lady, treated me nice. So kind and caring.

Doctor: So, you had a good relationship with her then?

Jane: Oh yes, I loved her extremely. And she doted on me. Gave me everything. Not spoiled, I wasn’t a brat. I appreciated it all. I appreciated her.

Doctor: So what happened?

Jane: You mean, how did I end up like this if I had such a great parental figure?

Doctor: Yes, Rebbecca. How did you end up like this?

Jane: Rebbecca, no one has called me that since her.

Jane starts to get upset. She wells up.

Doctor: Take your time. There is no rush.

Jane: No I’m okay. (Deep breath) Someone killed her. They- They destroyed her.

Doctor: What happened to her?

Jane: She got caught in an armed robbery, and shot. Shot her right in the heart. She died instantly. And they were never caught. They didn’t care about her. They didn’t know her, didn’t know her name, and didn’t know if she had a family or nothing. They didn’t care. The police, the shooters, all of them. Nobody cared for her justice.

Doctor: Didn’t care about her?

Jane: Yes

Doctor: Didn’t care about her identity?

Jane: Yes

Jane continues to show distress and emotions

Doctor: So you don’t care about their identity? Your victims?

Jane: Yes. Why should I after what they did to her?

Doctor: But you do care about their identities, all your victims. Why else become them, be them? You don’t destroy them, you carry them on.

Jane has a fixed glare on him, a blank, emotionless stare.

Jane: I don’t care about them. I – really – don’t.

Doctor: I think that is the first honest thing you’ve said.

Jane: I don’t understand

She quickly turns back to showing emotion and distress

Doctor: You’ve been dishonest this whole time, except the last part. I believe that was true.

She quickly goes back to being stern and impassive

Jane: How do you know?

Doctor: Talking slowly and calmly, knowing what you are saying, remained eye contact, giving a great deal of detail. Non hesitant, you barely move. Your heart rate is normal, and you just look so darn happy to be here. These are all signs of people who tell truth.

Jane: So that means I’m lying? Doctor, I believe you have me confused now.

Taunting him

Doctor: Your downfall, sweetheart, is… you’re too rehearsed. Too perfect. That’s how we caught you before. And that’s how I know now.

Jane: Maybe it is the truth. Maybe you are just too suspicious.

Doctor: No, humans make mistakes. Humans get nervous, human’s trip over themselves under pressure. Humans are imperfect.

Jane’s face turns. She isn’t amused by him.

Jane: So I’m not human?

Doctor: That’s what we’re going to find out Dear.

The Doctor stands up, and leaves the room. Jane is sitting by herself, with a look of contempt on her face.

Jane: You can try.