Arkham Asylum – Jane Doe Episode 4

Episode 4


Jane is ushered into a blank white room by an orderly.  She can see a therapy bed, chairs and computer equipment and a black mysterious box. Jane is sat on the bed.

Jane: Well isn’t this interesting?

The orderly doesn’t say anything

Jane: Oh, the silent type? I like that

The doctor walks in

Doctor: Good Evening Jane.

Jane: Doctor, only evening calls now? Am I just your booty call? Or what do the kids call it now? Your side chick?

She laughs.

Doctor: Your body responds better to situations in the evening, Quicker. It’s tired.

Jane: Once again Doctor, you have me confused! If it’s a tired body, how can it respond quickly and better?

Doctor: It responds better … for me. It is lost energy throughout the day, can’t fight back much. Not a lot of strength.

Jane: So that’s why you’ve be holding out on my meals. Not because you want me to lose weight then. You like you’re girls skinny?

She laughs again

Doctor: It is a necessary sacrifice.

Jane: So, some more hypnotherapy? Worn me down enough this time to make it work?

Doctor: I am a firm believer in learning from my mistakes. You are a lot stronger than I assumed, more strength than most people, most average humans.

Jane: There’s that word again Doctor, human?

The Doctor smiles.

Doctor: Don’t get offended Jane, it’s nothing personal. My only interest is to get to know you.

Jane: Funny, that’s my interest too.

Doctor: I’m not getting hooked into your little games again, your fake set ups. Why don’t we just get straight into it?

Jane: No foreplay, that’s a bit boring isn’t it? Is that why you’re single and never been married?

Doctor: How did you –

Jane: Like I said, you’re my interest too Doctor

The Doctor laughs, he amused.

Jane: Funny again am I?

Doctor: You’re becoming a little too predictable now Jane. I’m getting into your head. Knowing how you tick.

Jane: How so Doc-

Doctor: I’m not wearing a wedding ring. I spend most of my time at this asylum, my work is my passion, that is very clear. So your observation that I am an unmarried single man is nothing more than common sense. A simple tactic to scare me, Jane? Push me away? To make me think you’re on to me?

Jane is angered.

I get to know you more every day, the real you. I am the one that is in fact on to you.

Jane: Then why am I here if you already know me?

Doctor: Unfortunately, I am an impatient man. I want more – speedy –results, shall we say.

Jane: So… don’t keep a girl in suspense. What is it today? Pills? Needles? Bondage? You look like the type.

The Doctor opens the black box up, it has equipment in it. One of which is a head piece.


Jane: What’s that?

Jane: What’s that?

Doctor: This? This is used for Electrconvulsive Therapy.

Jane: Shock therapy?

Doctor: We prefer to call it Electroconvulsive Therapy. But if you prefer, yes shock therapy Jane.


The Doctor nods at the orderly who grabs Jane and pushes her on the bed. The Doctor comes over and straps her in. Jane doesn’t put up much of a struggle.


Doctor: You’re being surprising compliant Jane?

Jane says nothing.

Doctor: I don’t know if you are aware of ‘shock therapy’. Back in the day, the patients would be fully awake, given the treatment to stimulate a seizure to “reboot the system” so to speak; nothing else for the pain. Complete sober. But now a days, patients get put under, something given to protect the heart and muscle relaxers so everything is safe. You don’t even remember anything.

Jane: So why do it then?

Doctor: I think it’ll help you relax Jane. Feel…happier. More talkative. Might cure your anger even. Might even cure your mental health.

Jane: You think I am crazy? Got mental health issues? I am a nut?

The doctor starts to rub a liquid on either side of Jane’s temple.

Jane: What are you doing?

Doctor: Calm down, it’s okay. Now put this in your mouth.

Jane: What is it?

Doctor: It’s a mouth guard. It will stop you biting your tongue.

Jane: If I’m getting a muscle relaxer, why do I need a guard?


The doctor looks at the orderly and hands him the guard. He forces it into her mouth and holds her chin to ensure she doesn’t spit it out. He then puts a strap around her chin.


Doctor: Well the thing about me Jane is, I’m an old fashioned kind of guy.

The Doctor smirks as he puts the head device over her head and on her temples.

Doctor: This will cause a seizure, and it’s not going to be a pleasant experience, I’ll be honest with you. But relax, and enjoy the ride.

The Doctor turns on the machine Jane’s hooked up to. He is taking great pleasure in building the tension. He turns the knobs and slowly pushes a button. This causes Jane to fit, and thrash about the bed. The orderly goes over to hold her down. She eventually calms, and lies flat again.

Doctor: Take out her mouth piece!

The orderly complies.

Doctor: Jane? Jane? Can you hear me?

Jane weakly opens her mouth and lets out a pathetic yes.

Doctor: What is your name? Jane?! What is your real name? Jane?

Jane slowly looks at the Doctor, he seems so hopeful with his progress. She can barely lift or turn her head but she musters all her energy and looks him direct in the eyes.

Doctor: Your name?

 He whispers to her. Staring into his eyes, Jane let’s out a roar of laughter. Hysterical, crazy laughter.

Jane: I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t keep a straight face. You should see yourself!

She continues to laugh

Jane: You’re so pathetic, begging to know. You’ll never know nothing! Nothing you can ever do. “What is your name”

She mocks him, continuing with her crackling laughter. The Doctor is enraged and goes over to the machine, turns up the intensity.

Orderly: Her mouth guar-

The Doctor disregards the orderly’s comment and hits the button sending Jane into a rage of fits. Her body uncontrollable being sent into a frenzy. The orderly goes to hold her.

Doctor: LEAVE HER!

He stands back. Jane’s body still hammering down hard on the bed and being thrown every direction. She suddenly stops.

Doctor: Get her up, then get rid of her.

The Doctor storms out the room. The orderly goes to her and un-straps her, she slumps to the floor, limp, motionless. The orderly tries to lift her with no kindness, like she’s a heavy bit of flesh. Jane looks at him, straight in the eye.

Jane: I will kill you first.




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