Arkham Asylum – Jane Doe Episode 5

Episode 5


Jane is in a blank white box room with nothing it. All she can see is the blinding lights on the ceiling, a light switch and the door. Everything else is painfully white. The Doctor walks in with a young man cowering in behind him. Jane is sitting in the corner.


Doctor: Good afternoon Jane, how are we today?

Jane: I am fabulous Doctor, as ever!

Doctor: You seem overly enthusiastic today? Are you sure you want to waste your energy on being sarcastic?

Jane: What do you mean waste? I have all the energy I’ll ever need.

The Doctor giggles

Doctor: Now Jane…

He bends down to her

I know that isn’t exactly true is it? How hungry are you? You must be so tired too?

Jane: You think depriving me of food and sleep will let you into my mind? You really do know nothing then!

Doctor: It’s not a way to get you to talk Jane. It’s to wear you down, break you. And it’s plain fun as well to be honest.

Jane: Why are you telling me if it’s to wear me down? Won’t that just make me want to fight more?

Doctor: See Jane, it doesn’t matter if I do tell you or don’t. Your body will get weaker. Your body will slow down. Your body will break. Whether you fight this or not. It doesn’t matter. And once you’re body is broken, so will your mind.

He begins to whisper

That’s how I win.

The Doctor stands up pleasantly and walks towards the man.

Jane: So what is it today the Doc? Doesn’t he seem a little young for an orderly. Doesn’t have many muscles to be your muscle.

Doctor: How rude of me! This is an intern Jane; he’s only here for a week. His name is Jonathan Crane. He is studying Psychology at Gotham University. I thought today I’d let him take the lead. He has some very interesting theories I’d like to see.

Crane: Hello Jane.

Doctor: You don’t need to be polite Jonathan. Just think of her as your test subject nothing more, okay?

Crane: Yes Doctor.

Doctor: Now Jane, Jonathan and I have come together to think of some great ways to help you. And young Jonathan is going to execute them today, with my supervision.

Jane: Well, can’t be any worse than your last exercises. Remind me Doctor, how did they go?

She begins to laugh at him. He isn’t amused.

Doctor: Let’s see how your spirit lasts after this Jane.

He turns to Crane

Don’t let me down.

Crane: I won’t.

The Doctor leaves the room.

Crane: He can be quite intimidating cant he?

Jane: Is that your experiment? To befriend me? Or is it just to be pathetic? Because you’ve got one of those definitely in the bag.

Crane: I just want to help you, Jane. Really help you. I just want to –

Jane: It’s very bold of him

Crane: What?

Jane: To leave you in a room with me…alone.

Crane: You won’t do anything.

Jane: Won’t I?

Jane tries to lunge at Crane but is badly coordinated, and slams into the side of the wall. She falls to her needs, breathless and tired.

Crane: What I meant to say Jane was, you can’t. You’re tired, weak. With no sleep you become slow and can’t coordinate correctly. Your reflexes are slow, response times are slow. Nothing you can do will change that. It’s pointless trying anything.

Jane: Are you here just to talk? Because I am just bored of it.

Crane: You’re right. I am just waffling. I am a bit nervous, this is my first patient test.

Jane: Poor you.

Crane: We should begin.

He walks up to Jane and pulls an syringe from his pocket and injects into her neck. Jane screams

Jane: What the hell is that?

Crane: Sorry, it was my first time injecting a live test. I was a bit…sloppy.

Jane: What was it??!!

Crane: It’s serum.

Jane: What serum?

Jane begins to feel anxious and jittery.

Crane: A fear enhancing serum.

Jane: What?

She tries to laugh

Crane: Everyone is scared of something Jane, even you.

Jane: do you really think this will work? You’re a bigger fool than he is!

Crane: We will see.

Crane walks out the room. Jane begins to feel the unstoppable fear set into her bones.

Jane: Wait! Where are you going? Come back here!

As he closes the door, moments later the lights are cut. Jane can’t stop the terror and horror that is filling her body. Nothing can be seen. Nothing can be heard. She tries to stand, feel her way around. She lets out a hurtful, painful scream. Then begins to manically laugh. Suddenly a slam is heard. She assumes someone has entered the room.

Jane: Who is there?

Jane can hear the piercing quietness fill her ears. It hurts.


Jane screams. More for her own benefit. The quietness is too much. She tries to feel around clueless. Stumbling through the dark on her knees scared. She abruptly feels something stop her wandering hands. It feels like a shoe or a foot but with rough itchy material. Suddenly she feels something throw her across the room as it lets out a roar. She tries to run but cant, she’s too weak. She tries to move somewhere, anywhere but quickly realises she’s trapped as she hits each wall with no exit. All the time feeling something’s eyes on her, it’s breath behind her, following her. She lets out screams


No matter where Jane goes she feels this heavy thing, creature on top of her. Always there. She can’t escape, there’s nothingness. She can’t escape the nothingness.

The Doctor walks in with Crane to find Jane curled up in the corner of the room muttering and crying to herself.

Crane: I think I did too much

Doctor: No, it’s perfect. Well Done

Crane: But she isn’t responding.

Doctor: That doesn’t matter. It’s about the long haul Jonathan. You need to learn that if you want to become a Doctor. This is good. This is what I want.


The Doctor looks at Jane with great satisfaction


I’m proud of you. This stuff is perfect.

Crane feels comfort and acceptance. He’s feels fulfillment from the Doctor. Accomplishment.

Doctor: Leave her now. Let her stew for a little longer. Come, and tell me more about your ideas.

They exit the room. Silence sweeps over Jane. She gradually turns to face the door. A blank expression on her face, slowly turns to anger.

Jane: I will break you










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