Arkham Asylum – Jane Doe Episode 6

Episode 6


Jane is consciously dragged in to the study room which she is all too familiar with. An orderly drags her in and the Doctor quickly follows behind; shutting and locking the door behind him. The room has a bed and chair but nothing else. Jane is weak from sleep and food deprivation


Doctor: Quickly, just put her on the bed.

Jane: Quickly? If I didn’t know any better Doctor, I’d think you were trying to keep me a secret.

Doctor: SHUT UP!

Jane: Touchy?

He ignores her comment and looks at the orderly.

Doctor: I want you to stand at the door, with your back to us. Do you understand? If you don’t see anything, you’re not a witness? Understood?

The orderly emotionlessly nods. He doesn’t seem concerned for Jane.

Jane: If I didn’t know any better I’d think this session is unauthorised Doctor…?

Doctor: You just wouldn’t bite would you?

Jane: Whatever do you mean?

Doctor: I thought we were moving somewhere with the –

Jane: The fear therapy? It was a fun time wasn’t it

Doctor: But no! You just wouldn’t give anything.

Jane: And here I was thinking all this was just fun for you?

Doctor: Oh, it is Jane.

The Doctor gets close to her face; she can feel his breath on her.

Doctor: Seeing you squirm, cry, terrified. Because you were Jane? Weren’t you? It was very satisfying to see. Unfortunately, I need results.

He moves away from her in frustration.

But they want it done by the book, but they don’t know. Don’t realise what you’re like. They’ll never get results that way.

Jane: But you know better?

Doctor: Exactly Jane. I do.

He moves to her

Doctor: You have had no sleep, no food, been through some of the worst tortures known to man and still tell me nothing.

Jane: Maybe we just aren’t meant to be Doctor –

Doctor: Jane…I am giving you one last chance. One. Tell me your name? Your actual name. Tell me something. Something true. Something authentic. Something real.

Jane looks at him, trying to hold back the emotions.

Jane: The truth? Something true? Something real?

Doctor: Yes Jane.

He says firmly. She turns and looks him directly in the eyes.

Jane: I will kill you. How’s that for the truth?

The Doctor pushes away from her. Angered and distressed.

Doctor: That was your last opportunity.

Jane: So what’s the plan today? More intimidation? More torture? Oh oh oh wait let me guess! A needle? Or serum of something? I don’t really fancy being distracted while you jam it into my neck. So why don’t we skip the dramatics and you just tell me!

Doctor: Maybe I am the one that is predictable now?

He softly and sarcastically laughs. He then pulls a syringe from his pocket and an unmarked vile.

Jane: So what’s that? More fear enhancing serums  

Jane says mockingly.

Doctor: No. Jane, it’s not.

The Doctor is oddly calm. Psychotically calm.

Doctor: This Jane is Sodium thiopental.

Jane: Sodium thuioo-

Doctor: Thiopental. It has multi-purposes but my purpose is to use it as a truth serum.

Jane: Truth serum? Have you completely lost your mind or am I just in on a bad joke?

Doctor: Believe me Jane, I am serious.

Jane: Do you actually believe this will work? You last success story with me was – Oh wait – there isn’t one.

Doctor: Funny as ever Jane. But it will work.

Jane: Nothing else has, so why not pin all your dreams on a fantasy. Seems logically enough at this stage Doctor

Doctor: I’ve underestimated you Jane. I’ll admit that. I underestimated your physical strength, I underestimated your mental strength and I underestimated you ability to survive. But I will not underestimate you in this. I have a theory about you.

Jane: Oh do tell! You never cease to intrigue me with your knowledge about me.

Doctor: Your body can handle and absorb things far quicker than the average person, which also means your body disposes of it just as quick. Fast system you have.

Jane: Did your tests tell you that? Or did you think of it all by your grown up self?

She says mockingly

Doctor: So, this time I’m going to give you double the recommended amount. Normally, that would kill someone. They use that dosage as the lethal injection in prisons. But I can we will be fine.

Jane quickly changes from quirky to concerned

Jane: And what if it does kill me? What if your theory is wrong?

Doctor: Then…oh well.

The Doctor moves over to Jane to inject her but she manages to muster some energy to attempt to fight back, but she is struggling. All she can do is squirm.

Doctor: Don’t fight it Jane. It will happen either way. It’s inevitable.

She continues to squirm

Doctor: Help me!

The Doctor orders the orderly. He comes to his aid and holds Jane down.

Doctor: What are you scared of Jane? The possibility you might die? Or the possibility we’ll know the real you.

Jane’s face loses all colour, she feels her blood run cold and her blood pressure drop. He injects her.

Jane: NO!

The Doctor has great satisfaction on his face. He instructs the orderly to go back to the door and he complies.

Doctor: I’ll just give that a few moments to work itself in.

Jane struggles with the pain, twisting and moaning.

Doctor: Painful isn’t it? That would be the dosage.

Jane: I will kill you

Doctor: That’s a wishful statement Jane, but it’s up for discussion if it’s the truth. Wishful truth maybe.

Jane looks away from him to try and conceal her pain and not let him know he is winning.

Doctor: Now Jane, what is your name?

Jane: No

She says trying to fight the serum

Doctor: Your name Jane?

Jane: Please no…

She is slowly losing the ability to fight it

Doctor: YOUR NAME?

Jane: I can’t – I can’t-



The Doctor is startled. This is the first time raw emotion has been shown. Jane looks broken to admit she doesn’t know

Doctor: What do you mean you don’t know Jane?

Jane: I don’t know my name. I don’t know my date of birth and I don’t know where I was born.

Doctor: How?

Jane: I was abandoned.

Doctor: Where?

Jane: I don’t know, I was young.

Doctor: How young?

Jane: Since I can remember. A baby.

Doctor: Tell me Jane, tell me everything.

Jane tries to struggle again and fight but she can’t

Doctor: Tell me Jane!

Jane: I was a baby, thrown away.

Doctor: Yes?

Jane: For as long as I remember, it’s been just me

Doctor: Did no one help you?

Jane lets out one tear that rolls down her face.

Jane: No. No one. Ever.

Doctor: Did you try and find your real parents?

Jane: Where do I look?

Doctor: Did you look for help?

Jane: I didn’t have anything.

Doctor: Someone could of –

Jane’s mind starts to block him out and she just continues talking. It’s the first time she’s ever said this out loud. It shakes her

Jane: I was alone.

No one knew me.

No one wanted to know me.

I didn’t have a name.

No one gave me a name.

I had nothing.

Always had nothing.

I was left when I was born.

Left in nothing

Left out nowhere

I wandered through life…with nothing.

I don’t know who I am

I am empty

I am incomplete

I am nothing


Jane snaps out of the trance and is back in the room with the Doctor.

Doctor: Did no one –

Jane: THERE WAS NO ONE! You want to know my name? I don’t have one. You wanted to know who I am? I don’t know. You wanted answers, reasons, motives, explanations? I can’t give you them.

Doctor: All those times I thought you were being difficult?

Jane: I didn’t have the answers you wanted. I didn’t have anything to give you. I didn’t have anything.

Jane feels vulnerable for the first time ever. She is truly stripped bare and exposed. This is the real her. And she doesn’t know what to do. The Doctor begins to frantically laugh. He can’t stop. Jane tears up.

Jane: Are you laughing at me right now?

Doctor: I am- sorry – I can’t – stop. It’s just so funny and ironic.

Jane: Funny? Ironic?

Doctor: You don’t know? don’t know? How amusing. Who would have thought.

As the Doctor continues to laugh, Jane feels violated. She was forced to reveal her horrors and is mocked for it. No choice, no option. Forced and violated.

Jane: So what now?

Doctor: I really don’t know Jane. I really don’t. I don’t know where to go from here.

Suddenly a riot can be heard. Everyone is startled as the sounds and noise of the rioters grow and begin to get closer.  The Doctors face turns from concerned to anxious, worrying like a child that is about to be caught being bad.

Doctor: Go check that will you! Lock the door behind you.

Orderly: Yes Doctor.

As the orderly leaves, the sounds escalate into screams and terror that flood the floors of the asylum. In all the commotion, the Doctor has forgot about Jane. Like a light switch going off, he turns to find her motionless, not breathing. He panics.

Doctor: Jane? JANE!

He tries to find a pulse but there isn’t one

Doctor: Damn, DAMN! It was too much. Shit.

He turns from her in a panic putting his head in his hands. Clueless, he doesn’t know what to do in the situation. But something clicks.

Doctor: The riot!

He thinks to himself that if he places her in the midst of the riot, that will explain how she died. His free pass to continue on with his life without any consequences. He quickly stands and turns to move her body but…she is gone.

Doctor: WHAT?

His heart sinks and his skin turns cold.

Doctor: Where is she?

A familiar and vengeful voice is heard behind him.

Jane: Looking for me?

He turns to see Jane, fierce and enraged.

Doctor: Jane?

She wraps her arms around his neck, twisting around him so he is backwards, his stomach facing the ceiling and his head above her shoulder. Ready to snap.

Doctor: Please Jane, plea-

The door unlocks and the Doctor is dropped to the ground. Before he can comprehend what has happening Jane is behind the door waiting. The orderly rushes in to find sanctuary from the riot but is met by Jane. She jumps on him, grasping her legs around his neck.

Jane: I told you, you were first.

She snaps his neck, allowing him to drop to the floor dead. She looks at the Doctor who is horrified and helpless.

Jane: And what did I tell you Doctor? Oh- Oh yes.

She slowly walks up to him. Knowing he can’t do anything, having great pleasure building the tension and his terror. She kneels down to him, and whispers in his ear.

Jane: I will break you.

She grasps his throat tight. Tighter and tighter until she hears bones crack. The Doctors eye begging, pleading with her until they lose all the life in them. Bones still cracking, almost ash. Once she has filled her need, she stops and looks at him. She undresses him, leaving him stripped bare and violated. She grabs the syringe and takes the end to carve out his face. After placing it onto hers, she gathers his clothes and possessions and puts them on, becoming hers. Once she has devoured his identity. She looks at his lifeless, powerless, vulnerable body. She bends down to him.

Jane: Who am I? I am Hugo Strange. Doctor Strange.

She leaves the room. Satisfied she is someone.



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