About me…

My name is Kirsty Mckell and I am a human. Hi!

After graduating University in Drama BA (Hons), because I didn’t have the courage to pursue my only at the time passion,  I found other passions and had the lady balls to follow them.

I love writing, most of my work is horror based and chilling…I am definitely a horror freak. Probably seen every horror movie and it’s remake.

I am also very opinionated but I don’t get offended by a different opinion or shy away from people that have different ones; I try to see every perspective and understand people within reason of course.

Family mean a lot to me, they have always been supportive and pushed me to accept nothing less than what I want, no matter how hard the fight is. I was born in Scotland and raised by my mother with my two brothers. I am the middle child…and a girl…of a single parent. So basically, I am a boy. Jokes! But it wasn’t easy being the only girl and having to fight for everything when the numbers and genders were against me.

Getting into Uni, I moved to Northern Ireland and have stayed here after meeting my fiance and moving in together where we had two children. Skylar (3) and Logan (2), our Border Collie and German Shepard. My children.

Which leads onto my next thing to know, I LOVE animals. Love, love, love. I even haven’t (purposely) killed a bug since I was like 10, that’s how dedicated I am.

I self published my book recently (on Amazon “Who am I?”) which of course is a horror. And currently working on the sequel to that book and a full length, fuck load of pages (actual term for judging length) scary as hell, currently filled with mistakes book. Which is literally (metaphorically) taken me a lifetime to complete.

And lastly, I love to sing, dance, watch movies, TV show binge, decorate, do diy projects, makeup and beauty, kill my sims and much much more.

Reading through my future posts will help you get to know me more and my way of thinking, good luck.

Now, I will leave you with this, a picture of Logan and Skylar

Until next time, mwah xox




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