Beauty Introduction

So before I delve into all my reviews, collections, thoughts, makeup room, looks and a lot A LOT of fuck ups…I mean learning opportunities. I thought I would have a intro.

Makeup and Beauty have only became a recent obsession I mean passion, and boy did I indulge. Probably over the last year I went from buying the cheapest stuff (that had my shade of anything) which was L’Oreal; I know, not exactly cheap. But having sensitive skin, like a gust if wind would send me red sensitive, I was always breaking out and makeup NEVER lasted.

So seeing all my friends buying Mac and going giddy over a great lipstick shade or a bomb highlighter, I decided to get matched and thus was my first step into makeup.

Going from mismatched foundation to having a full collection of different undertones and finishes, different shades for if I am wearing fake tan or not and at least £2000 later (in just a year, IT’S MADNESS) I am fully obsessed and don’t intend on slowing down.

Although the cost is a slight EEK, I have to say my skin looks better, it’s actually helped clear my skin for the most part. Unfortunately girls, unless you are incredible lucky, breaks out still happen into your late ages. But mines are definitely few and far between, instead of a “Not again!” it’s more of a “WHY! When did you happen?!” when I see break outs. And my makeup is lasting A LOT longer, a £5 L’Oreal foundation would need replaced every 2-3 months but my YSL Foundation (using it nearly every day) lasted me 9 months!!! I barely needed to retouch and a little went along way. So higher end makeup, just in my opinion, has more benefits than drugstore makeup. The more you invest, the more you get out of something.

But I research my makeup lots. I don’t just follow the latest trend without knowing if it’s worth the price. I’m Scottish, I DO NOT part with my money easy, so I make sure I am getting my worth. And that’s the best advice I could give; before parting with your money and getting something you might absolutely hate, research it. If you have oily skin, don’t get something sheer or glowy. And if you’re dry don’t go grabbing any old matte finish. Know your audience.

But alas, more to come. Reviews, advice and shtuff soon.

Until next time, mwah xox



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