Makeup Revolution Palette Review 

So today, I thought I would do my first makeup review… Wooh!

I will be reviewing the Makeup revolution ‘Fortune favours the brave’ palette. I actually got this as a gift a few months ago and I absolutely love it.

There is a variety of different colours and potential different looks you could create with this palette, and lucky for you I have all the swatches, details, gossip and PICTURES for your viewing (reading) pleasure.

Now, disclaimer before we go on. None of the pictures featuring the colours are edited whatsoever, just the flash off my camera and that’s it. I want to give an honest and close representation of what the palette is like.

First off, in each row of swatches I use my Mac fix plus on my arm ( apart from row 3 I forgot) and a eye shadow sponge brush, as you see below:

Now, this palette does come with a sheet of what the name colours are, but in true fuck up Kirsty way, I threw it out. I swipe the brush three times in the colour and DO NOT dip back in. I clean the brush each time and start again.

In general: the Metallic’s are beautiful and pigmented. Some of the mattes are hard work in, they are difficult to swatch on the arm but work well on the eye but need a couple of dips to get full pigment, especially the lighter mattes. The darker mattes not so much of an issue. I find I have little to medium fall out as in; on a scale of nothing to urban decay shadows fall out, your probably in the middle.
Now onto the swatches! Bring on the swatches!

This first row of swatches (which is the very top row on the pictures above) is probably the one I use a lot. It has beautiful transitioning matte colours, very neutral basic colours with a pop of colour at the end. The metallic blue is beautiful and the peach colour is to die for.

Like I said before, the light mattes are difficult to show on my arm, but I am super pale so it just blends into my skin. Someone with a darker complexion (So anyone!) will not have the problem I had. The Metallic’s show up so well with glitter finely put into some of them like the blues. So if you’re not into glitter or shimmer, this may not be for you.
The second row has more green tones and metallic’s than mattes in it. And though I haven’t used them, they are so pigmented and not patchy at all!

Apart from the last matte green of course. The mattes for me ( with my sponge brush) didn’t work as well as the metallic’s but in saying that you can clearly see there is pigment and enough to make it work. On my blending brush and as transition colours they work great. The bronze 2nd from the top colour is beautiful and I actually didn’t swirl three times, it was only two. Some of the metallics are so pigmented using a little and building it up might work better than going in full force.


Remember: it’s easier to add to than to take away. 

Now, the third row is where I fecked it. I forgot to fix plus BUT I think that’s a good thing. Now I can show you the quality without a base. I also have a normal lighting and flash comparison to see the difference.


No flash.
As you can see, not much difference in the colour change. Without a base, the mattes went on a little patchier and I was pretty much scraping the colour of the lighter matte in the middle. But the metallics still look bomb.

And finally the last row:

Mostly shimmers again, but look at them! I swear I am a magpie, anything glitzy and glam I’m all for. This row has got a good mixture of dark and light but not many mattes. The purple went on super patchy but hey purple is a hard colour to do. And this has my all time favourite ( that I actually use for highlighter ALOT!) it’s the second top colour and it’s so reflective. If you have a lighter complexion like me, it will work fantastic, and even if you have a darker tone but want an intense highlight, this will do it.
Bonus swatch: My favourites of the palette. 

No flash and flash…me. 
These are also finger swatches so you can see the quality difference… or lack of. The metallics are still pigmented as hell. The mattes not so much but for one finger swatch I feel like they tried. As you can see, I’m a very basic girl and there is only one colour there. But I will experiment more with the other colours.
Overall, I think it’s a very good palette. If you are (saying this word once again and you’re probably sick of it) into metallics then this palette is definitely up your street. If you’re looking for something with variety that you could potentially create a lot of looks with using one palette this could also be for you.

In this palette you get 11 mattes and 19  metallics, so 30 colours all together for £9.99 out of Superdrug. That’s basically 30p a shadow which isn’t too shabby. And the quality isn’t bad either. I’ve had high end palette that are a lot worse quality and similar colours to this palette too.

I definitely think it’s something to invest in if your starting out and don’t want to spend tonnes of money on a palette. You could get some good different looks out of it and at a high quality. But if you’re not into glitzy and shimmer, stay clear you will be disappointed with the 19 shimmers and only 11 mattes. But if you’re a magpie like me, you’ll love it.
Until next time, mwah xox


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