Introduction to life hacks 

Basically the title says it all, this section is about life hacks, tips, tricks, advice and stories where I think it might come in handle to know.

Now, I have lived a very colourful life. Not as colourful as some but definitely not easy either. Which I am actually grateful for; having things handed to me and not being able to do it myself would have left me with tinted glasses in life and a false settlement that things should be given to me. Not that people that live that life have that or think that, but me being me would of. I generally believe I have a brat streak in me that if my parents ( if I had both parental’s) would of indulged in I would of took advantage of.

Now, though I have came across stuff where I am clueless and have no one to ask for help, I come out better for learning it by myself. Even though my frustration levels go through the roof sometimes, even my mother from Scotland can hear my screams, she has told me. It sends shudders down her back.

But I have gained somewhat knowledge and wisdom. And have grown up before my years (I swear, only 26 years of age but I am definitely at the granny grumbling at those darn kids stage).

And even though doing it yourself is a great personal advantage for character development, there are some things that a helping hand or an earful of advice would save you the stress, tears and hair loss. 

It’ll be anything from car insurance, car experience and cars to going home with strangers, university and how to drinks. I’m Scottish, it’s in my blood.

So sit back, relax, read and watch this space.

Until next time, mwah xox


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