Skylar Vol.1

This is Skylar

He is my 1st child, 3 years old and an Aries like me. Oh, and he’s a Border Collie.
I have always been raised with animals all my life and my first dog was actually a border collie too that I got at the age of a baby (because I don’t know what age. I know I was under one) and he was a pup. So I literally (literally) grew up with him.

Shortly came along a rescue German shepherd called Lady. She was my life, I put my heart and soul into her.

Long story short, both dogs passed away at a good age and lived very happy, greedy loved filled lives.

After Lady died, I went to university and wasn’t allowed any pets but that didn’t stop me from petting, caring and borderline trying to steal any animal I saw ownerless.

After graduation, I convinced CONVINCED (it took so long) my mum to get me a pup for my graduation present. I do not take the responsibility of a pet for granted and was fully aware and prepared…so I thought.

So skip forward, to picking Skylar up. I always knew I wanted a border collie again and found one in Scotland. So details details details later and I have my puppy. A very timid, scared little puppy.

I am a very full on owner. I will force cuddles on you and kisses and Smush your face to mine. But I know when it’s too much, and when an animal has boundaries. It literally broke my heart seeing this little puppy hiding in a corner so quiet and lost. I took that for granted  …

The next day he was different. Totally different! And from then on I couldn’t keep up. I was sneaking off for naps and breaks whenever I could. He was up from 7am right through to 11pm and if I didn’t sleep when he slept…tough.

He was a handful but he was worth it. Every minute. And like every animal, he has quite the personality.

Skylar hates scary movies and tv shows and hides whenever they are on.

This was him hiding into my side watching Channel Zero tonight.

He loves music – in fact his favourite song is rather be by Jess Gylnn. He howls every times it’s on.



He loves all other animals. Every animal. Once a pitbull attacked him, and seconds later Skylar was trying to play with him. He gives everyone the benefit of the doubt and has a very trusting gentle nature.

He definitely has a bratty side to him. More so since his little brother Logan has came along 

He gets upset when people cry and likes to give hugs until they smile. He definitely loves the centre of attention and alway wants to be in the loop.

He is my shadow.

I have many more stories and a lot more pictures. But this is only volume 1 and there is plenty more time.
Until next time, mwah xox


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