ColourPop Lips Review

“The boldest formula of our liquid lipsticks – in one smooth swipe, you’ll get intense color payoff that dries down to a super matte, transfer-proof finish.” – ColourPop website


This is what colour pop promises to do with their ultra matte liquid lipsticks and boy, does it. But what does it not say? I thought I would review my collection and really find out what they are like.  I have 7 mattes, 1 metallic and 1 sheer.


IMG_4798From left to right, these are the matte names.
IMG_4799And the last two, metallic and the sheer


I have had them awhile and actually don’t use them a lot except from Bumble, I will explain why…soon. I thought I would start with the swatches, then end with my personal thoughts. I swatch all the colours on my arm and two on the lips, for reasons you will find out…soon.


Disclaimer: None of these pictures are edited or filtered, just the flash off my camera. I want to give an accurate and proper representation of these shades.


Now time for the swatches! Bring on the swatches!

IMG_4689.JPGFrom top to bottom, Vice, Donut, 1st base, Pacific, Ouija, Succulent, and Bumble.

They dry completely on the skin within 2 minutes and 26 seconds, I checked. These colours are beautiful… on the skin. Remember: every colour will look different on the lips. Everyone has their own shade of pink (or red or brown or whatever) lip colour. So these colours will change on the lip when mixed with your own unique colour. So it’s always better to try before you buy…would’ve stop me buying so many similar colours that I now regret buying.

As you can see, these are ULTRA MATTE! And on skin they look good; smooth and even! They all have a normal dofer applicator, and go on okay. I use okay because the formula is a little watery, so it goes on thinly which also means streaky. You can see, if you look closely, some colours ARE a little patchy in the picture. But, it is barely visible, and this was only with one dip. On the lips, a thicker coat and a double dip would solve this no problem.

Now these are MATTE, they stick! So if you have any dry skin, whatsoever, it sticks to it. If your lips have any creasing or folds, IT WILL STICK. Basically, unless you have the smoothest, plumpest lips, you might experience problems. And because these are ultra matte, they are SO DRYING on the lips. Like really drying.

Washing them off, takes a good bit of elbow grease and a whole lot of heart and determination.

With one swipe of my wipe, this is all it did…on the left. And on the right was 5 back and forth wipes with the pressure that would crack a spine.


It took so long to get off and the reds stained my arm, which made it difficult to do my highlighter review (coming soon to a device near you)

Because of the difficulty getting this stuff off my lips, I only did two lip swatches. So when ColourPop says they stay, THEY STAY.


This is one coat of Donut, and I wasn’t happy. Even after prepping my lips with a lip balm and scrub, Donut found its way onto every little part and stuck out, and didn’t stick onto the middle. Showing all my flaws, so I did a double coat to see if it helped.


And it did, kind of. It did smooth out but you can see where it’s a little thick and where it is thinly spread. I think the lighter shades need more work into looking even and flawless.

Now, the second colour I LOVE. Bumble is my favourite out of all of them and works well with my complexion.


Ignore my peach fuzz! Ignore it!

I think because this colour does work better with my complexion, it instantly looks better. It’ll shadow any mistakes or flaws and just looks pretty. This shade, because it’s darker, doesn’t emphasis my lip lines and doesn’t look as dry, but feels it!

To give you a better idea compared to others liquid lips, I have bumble and Kat Von D’s Lolita and Double dare;


These where ALL dry (apart from around the edges of the Kat Von D’s). You can see that the Von D’s don’t look as dry and don’t cling to every little thing. And the formula is thicker and more comfort on my lips. But bumble is super dry and you can see the cracks in it which are my skin lines. It is clinger than an ex girlfriend you met of tinder.

IMG_4701.JPGAnd look how Bumble just says “Not today Satan” and does not move at all. He is in it for the long haul. Whereas, Kat Von D’s are easier to remove and don’t stain.

Here is the metallic and sheer (which is basically a gloss)


Flash vs no Flash

Tight fit (let your immature giggle go now) is the metallic (on the bottom) and A Boo is the gloss (on top). I LOVE these. They are so reflective and high shine. These ARE transfer proof but feel nice on the lips, look pretty and only, once again, cost $6!

Final Thoughts: Without over repeating myself, these are very matte and very drying. But, for something to be completely transfer proof and last so long, it would need to be. Yes, these dry down too much for my liking, but they are the only liquid lip I have used to last so long and to be completely transfer proof. As you can see from the pictures, they WILL NOT MOVE. If you are looking so something that will last you and is incredibly cheap (like $6 cheap) but don’t mind the dry feeling on your lips (and I emphasis dry because I under estimated how drying it was when it heard it) then these are it for you.

For me personally, the dryness isn’t for great. I’m not mad at having to reapply lippies as long as they last long enough so being absolutely budge proof isn’t a massive need in a lipstick. The price and colour range however does peak my interest. And for the likes of bumble that I really REALLY like, I can get on board.

Looking back, I feel I picked colours that now I don’t like and are all too similar. I didn’t check them against my complexion and just thought “oh pretty colour”. So having the drying component on top of that just left me a little bitter about them. But bumble I adore, and when it looks that good on, you do kind of forget about the dryness.

The metallic and gloss I cannot fault, I love them. And they are light enough I can put over any other colour to heightening the effect and make any matte colour glossy or metallic. It is fantastic. I will be intending to buy more.

Overall; there are other liquid lipstick out there that I like and feel better than ColourPops BUT for the price and the shade range I have decided it IS worth it. Just make sure to research the colours properly and choose wisely against your complexion to ensure you wont be disappointed. But if you really can’t stand dryness on your lips, do not buy. This will be a disappointment and a waste of money. But if you can get over that, then it’s a good investment and for $6 you really can’t complain because quality is there.


Hope you’ve enjoyed and got a good amount of information and help.

Until next time, mwah xox











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