My highlighter collection

Or should I say lack of…

I only have 5 highlighters, well, 4 because one is actually  a eye shadow. But I intend to grow my collection and be glowing for the whole world to see.

My first blinding highlighter, and one I absolutely LOVE, is my Nars Illuminator – Copacabana. It’s a fan favourite and beautiful. It is so intense, amazing quality, and liquid so you only need a dot. This stuff will last you forever. And if you want to glow up your foundation a bit, add some of this and you’ll be sorted.


Unfortunately, I left the flash on my camera for both pictures. Kirsty Fuck up no.1. But you can see no flash later, don’t worry. I also use this with beauty blender applying this, which mines has seen better days, poor thing. This is my favourite highlighter for an intense, blinding, grabbing all the attention, look. It is fantastic for all skin tones I think, and you can blend it out for more a subtle look or just leave it as it is. There are no rules to makeup, if you like it then it’s right.


IMG_4811Nars – Copacabana


Please ignore the red stain on my arm, my ColourPop review took control and wanted more showtime, taking over two posts.


To add to my collection,my ever first MAC highlighter; everyone loves a bit of MAC. MAC is probably the first starting point for someone stepping out of drugstore and into high end. I am not MAC’S hugest fan but I don’t hate them either. I think some products aren’t worth the money and there is better out there but there are some really good product and great selections. It’s ALL about preference and MAC is either a hit or miss for me.

But their highlighters are really good. The one I have especially is so creamy, HAS LASTED ME FOREVER (I bought it last December and haven’t even made a dent), and they do have a good range of colours for a decent price to be honest. The quality is there and the price isn’t something that throws you off.

Flash left no flash right

This is soft & gentle by MAC currently at £24.50 but I got mine for £18 I think, I can’t remember if it was on sale or if it has just increased in price. But I would still repurchase for the new price (if I ever need to, I still have fuck loads left).

I apply all my powder highlighters with a fan brush for a nice natural look

This highlighter is more subtle on my skin because I am quite fair and this blends in so well, you can barely tell the colour, just the glow. It’s a very natural glow, which I like because I already have some really blinding, in your face, will light up the emerald city, highlighters.

IMG_4812.JPGNars – Copacabana, MAC – Soft & Gentle.


Now, my next two highlighters are from the same brand and given to me as gifts.

The left shade, Pink shimmer, is very close to my MAC highlighter. But quality is different, these are a little more harsher, powdery and brittle. Ever so slightly though, but the more I used them, the crusty first layer disappeared and IT IS smoother underneath. They are quite pigmented, good quality AND ONLY £3 from Superdrug. Which is worth it and beyond. I have had a few MUA products which are pretty cheap but the quality is pretty good. Granted they don’t last hours upon hours, but they do last long enough. There is a good range of products and colours, and it is dead cheap. Packaging isn’t the cutest but it does the job and I think that’s where they save the price  on the product.

Higher end products are beautiful but doesn’t mean the product quality is top notch. The packaging might be on point, doesn’t always mean the product is though. And at the end of the day, the product is more important. Sometimes cheaper brands are worth the go. And £3!! Look at that quality for £3!!


Nars – Copacabana, MAC – Soft&Gentle, MUA – Pink Shimmer, MUA – Iridescent Gold


As you can see, Pink shimmer and Soft & Gentle are very similar, just a darker shade. The yellow highlighter called “Iridescent Gold” just blends too much into my skin. The shimmer is great, and it is reflective but not my go to shade, you can barely see it on my skin. This would however, look amazing on darker skin tones. Like it would look bomb. And even when I’m wearing tan, it looks so much better just not my favorite shade. But once again, for £3 I really can’t be mad at it. It’s good to have in a collection and especially when you don’t want to fork out on a high end one, with this being the same quality.


My last shade, and favourite like I ALWAYS use this, is actually an eye shadow. If you read my Revolution palette review, you will already know. It is shimmery, so reflective and beautiful.

It really doesn’t photograph well though and I am gutted. Absolutely saddened, because it is super reflective and you can see the glow for days. But what can a bitch do. Like I said, there are no rules in makeup and one product DOES have a multi purpose use if you are creative enough. This has more glitters and shimmers in it which makes it really reflective but a normal picture won’t do it justice.


Even on my arm here, the only highlighter to steal the light is Copacabana by Nars (look at is, it’s so pretty)

But trust me, on the face and with the right light they all looks fabulous. I was gonna to swatch them on the face to show how spectacular they are, but that meant to do a full make up of face and frankly….I didn’t have the time, resources or arse to it. But one day, maybe one day, I’ll do a full face (if people want it and if these reviews and posts get interest)

I do love all my highlighters and will be adding to my collection. If you have any suggestions, leave a comment. I would love to hear what your favourite highlighters are and what I should get next.


Until next time, mwah xox


4 thoughts on “My highlighter collection

  1. yesss mac’s soft & gentle is one of my faves!! definitely have to try the other highlighters in this post they all look so gorgeous!! 🙂 hope you can check out some of my posts too sometime! ❤

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