How I got into writing…

So if you have read the welcome page, you would have seen that I am into writing, OBVS because I have a blog. And I thought to help you get to know me a little better, why not write how I got into writing.


Basically, I will just be blabbing about how it came about, my complete and total life story up until this point (not really) how it eventually lead to a book and the post-experience of publishing SO if you are not into that LOOK AWAY, THIS IS NOT FOR YOU, TURN AROUND, RUN..RUN..RUN FORREST RUN. But if you wanna do a girl a favour, read on.


Always kind of been into writing, just did it for fun and never really took it seriously enough for me to consider it a passion. I was always into singing, but school broke my confidence down and with a really bad judgemental music teacher, I couldn’t pursue it. School in general wasn’t a supporting time for me, with the difficulties of puberty and growing up being hard enough as it is for young budding pre-teens, bullying and other difficult personal issues, school just didn’t help or relieve an already bad situation…it added to it.

But skip years later, soon to leave school, I was running out of life options. I didn’t really have much of a plan. So after a long thought to myself and talks with the mother, I thought drama would be the closest thing to making me happy. I was always creative, outspoken and got bored easily if something didn’t interest me. And drama had a lot of different options and paths to explore that I felt I couldn’t possibly get bored of, finding new ways to explore and express myself creatively and getting to pretend. Because who doesn’t like to pretend?

Doing drama in college completely built up my confidence where it over spewed, I was a walking ‘Don’t give a shit what you think of me’ ball, and being 18 and thinking I knew the world helped a lot. I fell into a great crowd and had so many supportive friends and tutors, that it peaked my interest and made me fall in love with the dramatic arts. We did some writing projects that helped me to understand the foundations of writing and some good exercise to get me started but nothing big. It was mostly acting I did but it was amazing.

After leaving college, and getting into University is where my writing really peaked. I made the decision I wanted to venture out past acting and try new stuff and gain new skills, so going to Ulster University, the drama course there was 20% performance and 80% everything else. In my final year, I decided for my last year project to do a theatre script, and thus, a new passion was born.

So after university and a full ready to go script I branched out and started contacting theatre companies. And as much feedback and some interest that there was, my script was just too specific and I feel like the theatre companies where I live where looking for pieces more rooted to the city and culture but I wanted to write more social issue and deep and dark stuff. The more I wrote the more I realised I like writing more for a media platform and didn’t want to be kept within theatre limits that I had found myself in and what companies where looking for.

I had always had an issue with nightmares. Probably because I am a huge Massive HUMONGOUS horror fan, with a wild imagination so whenever I had nightmares I would write them down and soon they became short stories, which gathered a small interest. But I wanted to do more.

I got asked by a friend to write for his batman internet series that I absolutely loved. I loved getting into the psychological side of some of his characters and making his dark ideas come to life. It was great. That’s when I realised I really liked writing dark horror stuff. So nightmare short stories started to become actual potential books and writing ideas. Some are better for script, some are better for film and some for books.

After writing some short episodes of a character I completely loved writing for, I decided to put them together and create my first book. It was very spontaneous, very sudden but very exciting. I loved horror, loved writing and loved creating something that was mine so why not throw them all together and make a beautiful creative Kirsty book baby.


A self publish later on Amazon and here is my book! I wanted my first book to be something I was passionate about but also something I wasn’t so invested in that I couldn’t learn from. As much as I love what I’ve accomplished, this is still a learning curve for me and is good experience for when I want to release my full length fuck load of pages book (That is 3 years in the making and put my heart, soul and creative juices into). I would’ve hated having something I worked so hard on to not be successful first time. And I know that is crazy, success take time, hard work and dedication which I am fully prepared to do, but when you have something so precious and something you worked so hard on to potentially flop, you panic. And I didn’t want that book to be my my learning curve. I want that curve learnt and done.

I will continue to write my stories and pen to paper my ideas, if they go no where that is fine, as long as I know I did my best and can look at it and think “Fuck yes, that is mine” kind of like a parent would look at a child and think. Obviously, a smart successful, you want to show off child. Not the idiot one that is always running into lampposts, like me…as a child. And now.

But working on my sequel to my current book and hopefully, my fuck load pages book will be done soon and be out there in the world for it to be judged and me to squirm.


Until next time, mwah xox


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