‘Nude’ collection

If you’re here looking for naked pictures of a girl, leave you perv – this ain’t that kind of nude party!

But if you are into make up (or in general know about makeup) then you know I am clearly talking about nude shade lipsticks. LIPSTICKS, not body parts. Kthxbi!

Picking a nude is HARD. Kind of like taking a nude … and trying to send one, which one is the best one? Which one will suit you? Which one will get people like “DAMN!” …like a nude. My skin is a weird one. I have really dark hair but light blue eyes, quite natural dark pink lips but pale skin. Me and my skin have a love hate relationship. Sometimes it’s clear and beautiful and I love it, other times it decides to change undertones to purposely make my foundation off. It is a weird one.

Most, MOST, of the time I would say I am very fair with red undertones, BUT (And I don’t know if this is logic, or accurate or true, or maybe I’m an idiot and cant see properly) but I feel like finding my undertones is very difficult. I always thought it was red undertones but some times I see yellow. So, I think maybe I’m neutral? Or a chameleon.

Because of very indecisive undertones, sometimes choosing a nude lippie can prove very difficult and a beautiful peach will blend too much into my skin, and a cool tone nude will clash and emphasis the yellowness in my skin. It’s all very weird, complicated, probably scientific, but I try to deal with it. #Firstworldproblems

22497321_10155778291409483_993628842_oIgnore the Kat Von D … decided it didn’t fall onto my nude scale and more onto rose red.


Now, I only have 5 nudes, 5 nudes that seem to suit me depending on what colour my skin chooses to be that day. Lately, I have discovered darker nudes probably suit me more because my lip colour being so dark and skin colour being so light, some nudes blend way to much into my skin. But a good lip liner later will sort that problem out.


Now, ONTO THE SWATCHES! God knows I love a good swatch.


Disclaimer: Like EVERY other post, No filter, no editing, nothing but a flash to show the most accurate colour.


First we have MAC’s Hue.

No flash on top vs Flash on bottom

This was my first nude and it’s a glaze finish; which means not massive on pigment but super hydrating and comfortable on the lips. The way this feels on my lips is amazing but it won’t last long, reapplying will be needed. I depot all my lipsticks towards the end because there is so much more product at the bottom, and also MAC have a 6 package recycling deal, where you give them 6 MAC container back and receive a free lipstick! FREE LIPSTICK! FREE! My favourite word, my second favourite is Sale!

As you can see, Hue is a beautiful light peachy pink nude. It does blend into my skin a bit and emphasis’s my red undertones, but with a lip liner or added on top of a darker nude for depth, this looks amazing. A very everyday comfortable nude.


Next we have Love Honey by MAC… again.

Flash on top vs No flash on bottom

This is a matte finish nude and more on the neutral to yellow tone than hue. Even though it is a matte finish, I think the mattes are still quite comfortable. They are not super long wearing, maybe a couple of hours but I think that is still okay. If it’s not a liquid lipstick I’m not expecting something long wearing ya’know?

But this nude has more of a yellow tinge to it, still very light. Much lighter than my natural lip colour which is why I think these always look weird to me. I would recommend a lip liner, especially if your skin tone is similar to mine. Sometimes it can look like that nudes bleed into your skin and leave a fuzzy looking line around your lips rather than a crisp, sharp, on fleek, line.


Next up we have Lady-be-good…By MAC…again.

No flash on top vs Flash on bottom.

Okay, Okay, okay! This is a liquid lipstick BUT STILL A NUDE. So I thought it was only fair to include it. This is obviously a matte finish, and I actually love this colour. It is very similar to Love honey but ever so slightly different. I think this is more on the neutral side, where love honey has an ever so slightly yellow to it. Both still very nice, both very complimenting and everyday nudes.


Then we have a drugstore nude, L’Oreal 253…(I don’t remember the shade)

Flash on top vs No flash on bottom

Now, this one is a complicated one. It’s very comfortable on the lips, but I don’t overly see any pigment. What you see above is basically my lip colour with chunky glitter and lip balm over it. The colour in the lipstick is a really mauve pink shade – which is kind of my lip colour. So, is it just similar or is it transparent? Well, I armed swatched everything too and IT IS VERY SHEER. Compared to the rest. But I do kind of like it, it emphasis’s your own colour and feels hydrating. But paying £6+ for essentially what is a glittery lip bam…maybe not worth it? I can’t speak for any of the other colours though, only this one.


Next up, and a new one, is MAC’S Velvet Teddy

No flash on top vs Flash on bottom

I love LOVE LOVE this colour. A friend of mine suggested it, saying I would really suit it, and boy she was right. Because this is darker than my lip colour, I feel it suits me better especially with my dark hair. This is a matte finish, but once again feels very comfortable. The flash doesn’t do it justice at all. This nude would suit an everyday look or going out. It’s the perfect nude for me.


LASTLY, we have NYX Babydoll

No flash on top vs Flash on bottom

Ignore the shoddy application, I find this flat applicator slightly difficult to use. I am used to a dofer applicator so the transition is different. And I KNOW, once again a liquid lipstick…kind of. This formula is very foamy, and to be honest I HATED IT. It felt very thick on my lips, foamy and I just couldn’t work it. But after some time and practice, I actually have came round to it. Even though the colour is my lightest nude, I still really like it. After it dries down it is long lasting but not the most comfortable lipstick I’ve worn but not the worst either. For the price ranging around £4 I really can’t complain, and would purchase more. It is better than most drugstore brand but not as good as some of my higher end. But once again, for the price it is definitely worth it.


Overall, picking a nude can be complicated. Just because it looks fab on your best friend doesn’t mean it’s suited for you. Know your undertones, know what will blend into your skin and what will be a nice contrast.

22473402_10155778292164483_1521112136_oHue, Love Honey, Lady be good, L’Oreal, Velvet Teddy, Babydoll.

To make a start with nudes the best advice I can give is; go a shade darker or light than your natural lip colour. Going a shade darker or lighter will help you to start a palette to know what will suit you, then from that go more darker or lighter depending on what suits you and what you are looking for;  don’t delve right into the lightest nude or a really yellow nude, work with what you got and go from there.

Also, your lip colour will help you to know what will suit you. But if you have dark coloured lips, they will change the colour of the lipstick, always take that into consideration as well as your skin tone. Hope this helps.


I am interested to know your thoughts? What’s your favourite nude? What nudes do you suggest as I am always looking to expand my makeup collection.


Until next time, mwah xox


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