Logan Vol.1

He is cute, he is sweet, and he is hilarious…when he wants to be…


He is my German Shepherd, just turned 2 years old and is brother to Skylar.

I was raised with dogs, Border collies and German Shepherds, and after moving out, getting my own place and seriously thinking through the decision to get a companion for Skylar, we made the adult decision to get Logan…LOL JK NOT REALLY DIDN’T HAPPEN.

I wanted another dog; I was also used to having two pets and felt something was missing just with Skylar, he needed a friend. I waited until I threw an amazing Halloween party, made sure my other half got so drunk he was still drunk the next day (not hungover) then persuaded him to phone up to ‘just ask‘ about dogs. While on the phone I heard a price and how they could deliver this cute German shepherd dog by the afternoon and shouted yes we’ll do it. And boom, thus a Logan was in the process.

We had agreed a few hours, so I got excited, told everyone, who was still at my house, to wake up we’re getting a pupper and prepare. Little did I know, the 3 hours I thought I had to tidy up, get ready, get money and get sorted turned into just 30 minutes.

I barely got dressed let alone tidying up. This woman comes into to my party trashed house, with 4 (LIKE 4) hungover people just on my sofa staring at her, 1 in the kitchen and  2 mumbling upstairs. I died, I tried my best to explain I thought we had more time to make a better impression but my slurred words just sank inside me.

To top of this beautiful first meeting, a 1 and a half year old Skylar smelt dog and crashed through my kitchen door to meet our guest. He had never seen a puppy before, and was barely behaved around other dogs due to over excitement. He jumped at the woman in excitement trying to get a hug and then spotted this tiny puppy running around my living room. My heart was thumping, I was thinking what if he attacks the puppy? What if he hates the puppy? I’m hungover, this woman is a more sufficient adult than me, I look like a kid trying to raise kids here. Luckily, the other half came down to (what I thought) save me from embarrassment but came down…in his boxers not realising the dog was here, so darted upstairs to get dressed, run to the nearest ATM. Second death inside me of the day.

I think at this point I was like this isn’t going to happen, no moral right-minded animal lover will leave this precious puppy in my care, even though Skylar looked happy enough and healthy. But to my surprise, Skylar was in love with this dog. Scared, even little movements he shit himself, but in love. He was so delicate and careful with Logan, curious but wanted his attention. And Logan was running around like he own the joint, making people move out of his way, being so demanded like he already lived here. I knew I wanted him, and I knew I made the right decision.


Fast forward to my other half coming back with the money, pays the woman, and she leaves. SHE ACTUALLY LEAVES! And it kind of made me mad. I asked her loads of questions like is he weened, has all his other siblings been adopted, saw pictures of the parents, a bunch of stuff a responsible (but hungover as shit, looking like shit, feeling like shit, is shit) pet owner would ask, but she didn’t ask me anything. I asked her if she had questions and as far as I remember there wasn’t any, didn’t ask to see my garden or anything. I was shocked.

Either this woman knew I was a good person and trusted me, or she didn’t care what happened to this pup. And it angered me. I would’ve totally understood her thinking twice, or wanting to inspect the house, asking about Skylar but she seemed uninterested. But unfortunately, when you work on a farm and deal with litters a lot of the time, or you are a breeder some just don’t get attached. Not all, but some people. And I am the opposite. I see a stray cat, or a dog slowly drifting from his clearly in proximity owner and think this is my new pet, I will love you until the end of time, you will now be known as Max! I want to make sure animals are loved, cared for and secure. That once you take a pet, you take them for life no matter what. That is what I was taught and that is what I do.


Seconds after getting him

But, this woman walked away, and luckily for her I am a decent human being…kind of. Obviously doing this on a hungover whim wasn’t great, we had no puppy stuff. Nothing, no food no lead no bed nothing. I never had a puppy so young either (he was 8 weeks). So, as my hangover starting to thrive, but no time to feel sorry for myself, I took the last of our rest of the month money and darted to the shops to buy all our supplies. Yes, for 3 weeks we lived of air, but it was worth it.


Nathans mum thought we were insane and didn’t plan well which in fairness we didn’t. My mum thought the same but literally after wanted all the pictures, filled with excitement couldn’t wait to meet him. I guess she’s like me, something happens unexpectedly but take it in your stride…even though this unexpected thing was all my doing, Totally planned, just not well executed… Not well at all.

Because Skylar was a super hyper wanted all the attention dog, sleep times were awful. The first night I had to sleep downstairs with Skylar, I had work and needed sleep. Then thinking how will they be okay by themselves when we’re out? With Skylar, someone was ALWAYS IN THE HOUSE. Always, he was rarely left alone, and when he eventually was he was an adult. But this was a tiny baby, sorry fur baby, sorry puppy. We decided to crate train him, which I knew nothing about. My other dogs growing up where all adults and rescues and where so grateful for a good life they would’ve done anything for you. These were two bratty pups that hadn’t even seen what other lives they could’ve lived, they were always allowed to play when they wanted, go where they wanted and was free. Spoiled with attention and love, and weren’t mistreated in anyway. They knew how to get around us and did at every chance.

But luckily, Logan loved the cage. It wasn’t a punishment, it was a luxury. We made sure he was comfortable in it, had lots of toys, played in it, had our scent all over, and even put Skylar in to show him being crated wasn’t a bad thing but was something he got when he was bad. We did everything to emphasis this was for sleep, for rest and to chill out. He loved it SO much…he still goes in it now whenever we have it out.

22712669_10155802496194483_966179015_oThis was taken 2 days ago

We kept it downstairs during the day, open to both of them. And in bed at night for him to sleep.


And Skylar was never too far behind. He slept right beside him most nights. It was adorable…until the novelty of having a brother wore of for Skylar and Logan became a total torture.


  • Always wanted to be with him
  • Never allowed alone time
  • Always had to share toys
  • Had to look after him
  • Wasn’t allowed to bully or take control
  • Couldn’t get cuddles of us, only of Logan
  • Whenever he tried to get cuddles of us, Logan would be right there pushing into his fur for snuggles.

The poor dog was tortured. Couldn’t even lie on the ground without Logan coming over and being little spoon.


He was now not the cute new addition, but the annoying little brother. Logan loved it, and to be honest it kept Skylar entertained and give us a break from us. So we loved. Skylar finally saw how being depended on for attention was so overbearing and actually helped him to calm down. He wasn’t so crazy meeting people, he wasn’t at my face every second and every minute. He began to crave his own space. Kind of like a child would growing up. He was no longer the youngest and only, but the oldest and big brother. He adapted quickly to that.

They were at times a handful, but I love them with all my heart. They have big personalities and bigger hearts. Logan is so protective and loving and Skylar is so friendly and trusting. Makes for a weird combination, but if I myself am anything, it is weird. I always seem to attract the weird out of life, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Keep watch for Logan and Skylar Vol.2 soon…


Until next time, mwah xox


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