Makeup Room tips and tricks

I love my makeup room. It is my solace, and safe space. But it is still under construction.


Almost there, but not quite perfect, AND I actually haven’t spent THAT much on it. NOW! Don’t get me wrong, some of the items…and makeup itself was kinda pricey, but some items that bring it together and bring the extra class and BAM didn’t cost that much.

Makeup Room…Ignore the wallpaper.


The most expensive items would be;

  1. My vanity table: This was £90 from Ikea. It’s called MALM and comes in other colours too, but white is more classy and looks lush. Also, all my white objects are glazed with something that is easy to clean. SO EASY. But they do stain, so anything that stains like red liquid lippes, tan, things like that keep to the glass to avoid damage.
  2. My drawers and shelves: Both £50, you guessed it, from Ikea. The drawers are called ALEX and the shelves are LACK. The drawers are so deep and wide, and you can get slot units for makeup from Very impressed. Good quality. Worth it.
  3. Mirror: Very new, very fresh…since my other half smashed all 3 of my other full length mirrors. Dick. I literally have a closet just for broken mirrors, and dreams. *cries*. It was only £24.99 from Argos on a half price sale.

My tip number Uno is; look out for the best deals and think smart. If you know Christmas or summer sales or black Friday is around the corner, sometimes it’s better to wait a few weeks and get something on sale. I did that with my full length mirror and my rug (that is actually a throw for your bed but halved and stitched. £10 from Asda on sale)

So like I said, sometimes expenses can’t be cut, but the quality of my white units are amazing, they’re sturdy, sleek and feel really good quality. Easy to build, easy to move and just look lush.


Now, ONTO ACCESSORIES! Like an outfit, bringing a room together is in the details and accessories.

My brush holders are sparkly, classy looking, and just bring a little bit of extra that I wanted. I matched them my clock which is super sparkly too…


I got all from Asda. And…they aren’t actual holders for brushes...but…for…candles. Yes, they are different sized candle holders. But they were super cute, sometimes you just need to get creative.

  • Clock: £5
  • Small holder: £2
  • Big holders:£4


The next little tips to help not spend £££ and instead spend £ is to find different uses for different things. Instead of buying an expensive palette holder, why not use a … letter holder.


I have had this for years now and should probably buy another since I need more palettes placing. I think this looks super cute and it was £2 from B&M. £2!!!!ONLY £2!!!!


This little accessories hanger was from B&M as well for £2. The accessories themselves probably need a good tidy up like…


And on my shelves are just little decor things, and a good place to show off my lovely perfume bottles. It’s better to keep it simple, and not to over clutter otherwise it just looks messy.


And then the last wee things to tie in to the room to finish it off;

My beige bag, the drawers are very long, and it was just dead space behind my brushes that looked empty so this fits in very nicely and brings a little extra oomph.

My light letter box thing… can’t think of whats it called… was only £14 from New look, they are quite popular now though, I am sure I’ve seen them in Asda, B&M and places like that. (FUN FACT: It says Kirsty’s Makeup space because I lost an ‘R’ for room and had to improvise with words to replace it)

And very lastly, my little note chalk pad hanging up, it just added the finishing touch to everything. It was from a poundland store for…£1.


I still have things to add, more storage to buy and definitely to change the wall paper. I can’t wait, and I love how this has became my little passion.

I hope this has helped in some way, gave you some things to think about, helped strike ideas and whatnot. Would love to see your makeup rooms, and I will keep you updated about mine.


Until next time, mwah xox


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