Jaclyn Hill Palette Morphe



This palette is either something you absolutely love OR something you are completely sick of hearing about.

And I am here to tell you about it AGAIN! Because you know, you can never have too many opinions about something.

First things first (I’m the realist) I really do like this palette. The colours are right up my street, the browns and reds, warms and metallics and just a little pop of colour in the corner. You definitely can get so many different looks out of this one palette, a decent amount of transition shades, a good amount of mattes.

19 mattes and 12 (what I would consider) metallics and the other aren’t quite metallics, they’re more simmers. So quite half and half with 35 shades.

They are so smooth, pigmented and not a lot of fallout for what I used. They’re might be…but I haven’t tried them all.

I got this palette yesterday, ran to my makeup room to experiment with it, see the difference in quality and was very impressed. Compared to my Urban decay Naked 3 (because there are similar shades) the pans are so much bigger, the quality is a little smoother, and it is more pigmented. Don’t get me wrong, I still like my urban decay, this palette works a bit better for me, and it is far less fall out as well.

I don’t mind fall out in a palette if it’s more pigmented. Sometimes, palettes will be less pressed to get more product out for pigment which is total fine, ABH did it with some of they’re palettes and it was super opaque. Sound.

But with my Urban decay, it’s a lot of fall out for little pigment, but Jaclyn Hill palette isn’t like that. It’s perfect.

From Beauty bay at £37 for 35 shadows is really good, considering urban decay is £39 for 12.

Now, to show you the good quality, I have a cheap colour palette so Halloween looks, pops of colour and what not. It’s not perfect, it has flaws, but it is cheap and tonnes of colours.

23191620_10155835446399483_1548943107_oColoured palette from ebay £10-£15

It has definitely seen better days, the quality is okay actually, for something cheap and lasts long enough.

But I compared similar colours to the Jaclyn Hill one to help get a better idea of what the palette can do.

Disclaimer: None of these pictures have been edited. They were taken in natural lighting, 5 swirls of my fingers lightly in the pan then to my hand. I want to give an honest and most accurate review.

Firstly, I started with the green colour.

Ebay palette left vs Jaclyn Hill right

I felt these colours matched pretty well.

23224549_10155835446189483_214174624_oJaclyn Hill left vs Ebay palette right

Like I said, 5 swirls then to my hand. I used a very light touch, I didn’t want to put too much pressure on my new lush palette. But it still performed well. You can’t even see the other colour, just a very tint of it. It is such a difference.

Next we have the blues.

Jaclyn Hill left vs Ebay right

When looking at them I thought they looked similar but…

23192058_10155835445739483_1500748787_oJaclyn Hill left vs Ebay right

They weren’t. Jaclyn’s blue isn’t blue, but more of a purple. Which is so weird because in the pan it is blue! I had to re swatch because I swore I maybe accidentally swatched the purple beside it instead of the blue, but fuck me, it is the blue shade and it comes out purple.

My ebay blue actually performed really well, I was impressed, but as you can see Jaclyn’s blends like a dream compared to my Ebay’s.

Lastly, I thought I would try a matte brown, and see how they compared.

Jaclyn Hill left vs Ebay right

Didn’t compare at all! Barely can see the Ebay brown, didn’t blend just disappeared.

So I was very happy to see it performed really well compared to my other palette. The blendablilty, pigment, and pan size where all top points for me.

So…obviously I had to do a quick look with this. And I mean quick, I probably did this look in 10 mins. So it’s not exactly perfect, but oh wells.

My face!

Love a warm red/brown. LOVE IT! Ignore application, not the palettes fault, totally mine. I didn’t have to dip in too much, my first eye I did, I probably used too much since I under estimated how little you need. Always easier to add than to take away. But I was so happy with how it turned out. Loved it.

If you’d like to see actual makeup looks, or more Jaclyn Hill palette looks let me know. Hope this helped you’re decision if you are thinking about buying it.

Until next time, mwah xox


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