Winter Haul

It’s payday, it’s officially December and now has became more acceptable to be blasting those Christmas song and get those decorations up – unless you are one of those people that start the day after Halloween with no shame. You should feel shame

Before splashing out a fortune on presents, I thought I would have a wee haul, cheap and (almost) winter related.

Some of the stuff was a definite hit and I love, some was repurchases of things I’ve used for ages and are my holy grails, and some where absolutely horrendous and I am highly disappointed. Although they were all quite cheap (and by cheap I mean all drugstore) the more expensive ones where the ones that were awful. Just shows money doesn’t mean quality!

This small haul, probably came to about £35 give or take
24726094_10155925346279483_1428533206_oMy beautiful small haul – Pretty pretty pretty


  • First we have at the back there, L’Oreal nice ‘n’ easy in Rich Dark Brown.

    I dye my hair almost every season. And I have since I was about 16. I have had almost every single colour known to man; Red, Black, Blue, Pink every colour of brown and everything else in between. But as I grew up, I like to stick with my brunettes. My natural hair colour is a very fair light brown/almost auburn. In winter, I love my rich browns and in summer my light browns with light highlights. These hair dyes work so well for natural colours and don’t damage my hair and it’s CHEAP, on some deals you can get 2 for under a tenner but most part they are around £4.99. Because there is A LOT  to talk about this, I will be doing a full review: Watch this space


  • Second up is Biore nose strips

    These are AMAZING! Very pricey to be honest, about £8.99 but they are better than those charcoal peel masks you can get and give better results, so much better and easier to use. You get many different ones for different needs but I normally use the charcoal nose strips. For awhile, I did use the cheap T-zone ones, they are dead cheap and good(ish) for short lasting effects but I went through them so quickly and ended up using more money. I’d buy the T-zone for £1.99 out of Savers (though found in most drugstores for a little more ££) about 1-2 weeks. But I buy the Biore every 2 months. They leave it feeling smooth, clean and totally clog free. Definitely recommend and a must.


  • Next up is Veet hair removal

    Quick, easy and pain-free. I hate wax for legs and my epilator IS NOT MY FRIEND! And shaving, yes is quick and pain free but hair grows back within days for me. I don’t have thick or crazy hair but when it grows back within days still makes you feel like a Wookiee but with hair removal sprays like this, it’s effective for 1-2 weeks. Longer if you’re lucky. So if you’re not into pain like Christian Grey and can’t be arsed doing your hairy body every other day like 99.9% of women, this is worth a look.


  • Next is my HOLY GRAIL of makeup wipes.

    I have really bad sensitive skin so I need to be careful what I put on it, something with harsh chemicals will make it go red and flaky and break out. This is the only brand of wipes I found that clears my skin up, like completely clears it! Leaves my skin soft and feeling clean, the only time my skin is bad is when I run out of this and have to use something else (like the cheating brand wipe woman I am). For some reason where I am, these are hard to come by so I stalk up on them while I can because they are that good and when I run out I am literally the definition of first world problems. They are great for makeup removing, soothing or just to clean your skin. Love love love them.


  • We then have my fake eyelashes and glue.

    I buy the glue separate because it is THE BEST Glue, half the time when you pay for expensive lashes, yes the price is towards the quality of lashes but a big chunk is the glue you get with it as well. So I like to go for cheaper but lush eyelashes and buy good glue separate because I am extra like that. GirlsWithAttitude lashes are so soft and nice, cheap as well but the glue is shite. They also have so many different types and ranges of lashes. Worth a look!


  • Next is the L’Oreal clay masks.

    Can you notice a rhythm? Yeah, I like L’Oreal. I only really used the wipes and hair dyes but I started recently using the beauty products. I normally used a cheap clay mask, which I did think was excellent. Didn’t flare my skin and did make it smooth but after using L’Oreal clay mask, it showed me what soft and cleansing really was! It really tightens your face and you can feel a different. It goes on so smooth and even as well as getting into every crook and cranny leaving a luxurious finish. Not too expensive either at £6.99-7.99 depending on the deal. My cheaper one is £1 and I have to used a fair amount, this I barely used a touch and it went a long way. I feel this would last my almost a year, and triple the amount of the other one with better lasting effects.


  • The last items…

    (And what I was most excited for) turned out to be the biggest disappointments of my life. Due to sensitive skin again, I really can’t use drugstore brands just because it would leave me with break outs, but everything else I was happy with. Finishes weren’t bad, lasted long enough, and colour matches were almost correct. No where near as good as my higher end foundations BUT for the price good enough – can’t complain, does the job. I use self tan because…I am pale and I can’t naturally tan because…I am Scottish and only burn … but recently needed a foundation to match my tan. Told you I was extra. Bought the Satin liquid by Maybeline because I heard so many good things, I could deal with a small break out as I wouldn’t be constantly using it. But what I got was horrendous. If you would like to see this review go here:


  • And lastly, Nivea lip balm

    Heard amazing things. Hydrating, silky etc etc and what I got was dry and pully. I expected a nice glide of hydrating balm to go on my lips like a waterfall…but for my lips but instead the first layer when opened was dry SO SO DRY. I thought maybe you needed to melt down the first layer to get the balm as some products you need to break into them first before full potential is accessed. And in fairness it got a little better A TINY WHINY LITTLE ITSY BIT BETTER. Overall, it really just grabbed and dragged my lips when applying, wasn’t smooth and gliding, left a pulling feeling on my lips rather than hydrating and didn’t really sink into my skin, I feel the product just sat on top and did nothing but give a pink tinge – which – once again in fairness – didn’t look too bad. Yes, it is cheapish (£3+) but I have had better balms from the pound store than this. Was so disappointed because for something the is on the higher end for a simple lip balm and coming from a company that specializes in skin care, it was chalky, dry and wasn’t hydrating textured at all. SO MAD, my poor cracked lips look like shit! Thanks Nivea!


That was the end of my haul, most of it was good though and most were worth it. And I would definitely repurchase. If you enjoyed these short reviews make sure to stay tuned for the full reviews on the hair dye and (shit) foundation.

Also, if you have a holy grail foundation for dry skin and medium – full coverage (for tan) that you love let me know, clearly needing a new one. Drugstore submission welcome too (not maybeline please, I …I just can’t)


Disclaimer: Just because these items worked/didn’t work for me doesn’t mean they will work/not work for you. Different skin type, different face, different person, different opinion, different blood group will all effect (most of them) the outcome of products. Just because I like/don’t like something does not mean anyway you should feel the same or your opinion is less valuable than my own. These are only my experiences, but I do hope you get the results you want.


Until next time, mwah xox


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