Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation Review

If you have seen my Winter Haul:

Then you know I really did not like this foundation. I tried really hard to make it work but it all fell flat. So what better way to show my shame and fail than to review it…here we go.


If you like this foundation...TURN AWAY NOW! This will not be a good review, I hated it BUT I have very good reasons why AND pictures, so it’s not me being a dick it just really didn’t work for my skin!

I bought this foundation to match my tan whenever I needed it. I didn’t want to splash out on something expensive for something I would rarely wear and I heard good things about the Maybelline foundations so I thought I would try it. Now, drugstore brands never work for my skin, EVER. I break out, I have very sensitive skin, and it always looks too dry. But since moving to high end brands, drugstores have really stepped it up and brought out more of a variety than just matte foundations targeted for oily skin.

Because I have dry/normal skin, matte foundation can look a little too dry on me so I like to go for dewy and glowy foundations. My favourite and go to is: YSL Touche Eclat. It is fabulous and really works with my skin, it’s semi dewy (for me anyway) I wouldn’t say it’s too glowy, it’s just right for a everyday foundation.

NOW! Back to this ‘Satin Liquid‘ foundation, I first put it on and I literally wanted to cry. I prepped and moisturized my face a couple of hours before and primed before the foundation. I meant business! The issues I found where:


  • It literally clinged to every pore, every blemish and made my skin look like it had dry spots. It was so patchy on my skin, and extra grabbed to certain areas and not enough to others. It wiped across my cheeks but not into to the skin, it just didn’t stick at all. But above my lip, my T-zone and eyelids, it over grabbed and was difficult to blend out
  • Overall, this was just difficult to blend. It either over-blended and took the product off, or didn’t blend out at all on the areas I mentioned above.
  • It really dried me out, and the finish was Matte! LIKE MATTE MATTE. It wasn’t glowy, wasn’t dewy wasn’t a beautiful sun kissed face from the Greek Gods. It was an orange dry mess…I looked like a Donald trump tribute band.

So after this whatsit disaster mess, I really wanted it to work and thought maybe my primer was the issue. It was the poreless primer from Benefit (so you imagine my shock when all my pores could be seen!). So, I took it all off and started again. No primer, and still looked terrible.

It was at this stage I thought to myself “I should really be taken pictures so I can review this piece of shit“. So anything above I have no evidence of, you will just have to take my word and trust me. Because I am a trust worthy person, my mum said so.

BUT still not wanting to give up, I thought I could correct the orange colour and matte finish by adding my YSL Tocuhe eclat foundation; It’s quite dewy, it’s a little darker than my normal colour, it’s a not a clingy foundation…I thought all this would help force out the shit qualities of the other one.

So I mixed, I added, I swiped, I blended and….It helped…the littlest bit. But none the less…it helped. So it wasn’t AS patchy (but still patchy) it wasn’t AS dry (but still quite dry) it was AS orange (but still very orange) and it wasn’t AS terrible (but definitely still something terrible)

Disclaimer: All these photos are accurate to the foundation and taken in natural light to get the best idea of what it is really like.

24726199_10155925346169483_615826_oMy face!!!


So…super flattering picture, I bet you’re SO jelly, but you can see this is extremely drying…

…Like it looks so dry, it’s very difficult to look at…

…I do apologise, my skin has never looked so old and bad…

It really aged my skin, I was horrified. If you look closely (or can see it) there is far more pigment on my upper lip than my cheeks. It still over grabbed onto those areas like my; upper lip, forehead and eye lids and not enough anywhere else. You can see the product just kind of sitting there, and I don’t even have a pore problem above my lip…until this foundation made it one.

You see all those tiny holes? WTF Never had that with a foundation. I look like a sad Panda lol. Look at me…on the verge of tears lol.

My face again!!!


It looked far worse in person, maybe because I knew where my flaws where and knew how much they were being emphasised but it just looked patchy and aging and drying.

Not wanting to give up, I wanted to make sure it wasn’t anything I was doing wrong, I gave it one last go.

This time, took it all off and put on another primer (this was more of a serum, really thin constancy just to moisturise and get into my pores to minimise them)

24740246_10155925346064483_1392578381_o(1)Final and last attempt.

Did.Not.Work. Pores are a little less visible on my cheek and forehead, still there they are on my lip. Colour still very orange, still very aging and still very drying. You can tell this grabs to everything, because around my eyebrows (that I never have an issue with) the stray and loose hairs are totally visible and out there, looking like I haven’t had them done in a year…it was two days ago 😦 In this particular experiment, my nose was far more drying than the other times.

Finally accepting I lost, I was ready to give up. But then I thought maybe it’s my skin today? Maybe it’s me? What if I was just having a skin makeup day? So later that night I threw on my YSL foundation and wanted to check….

24650910_10155925344354483_432149060_oFlash not natural light


It looks so good here, but it isn’t in natural light, so it’s always gonna look better on camera too, but even by this the skin doesn’t look as aged, it looks dewy and fresh especially around my eyes, my pores aren’t as obvious (could be the lighting though in all honest) and just overall felt better on my skin. This was with no primer as well.


After all those disappointing moments, I still needed a tan foundation, so went and splashed out on YSL again…in a darker shade…

Once tried it on, I instantly saw a difference between the two, more so in the finish. Remember as well, I mixed in a dewy foundation the second time round and it still turned out matte.

So much face today!

Comparing the two (and I fully admit this could just be me) I can see the more semi dewy finish in the YSL vs Maybelline. I don’t think it looked as aging to my skin either. The colour was more on a tanned side, whereas Maybelline was very orange and my pores weren’t as noticeable.

NOW! I did notice on my YSL side (the left picture) that my forehead was a lot darker than the rest of my face (there is a reason) but first no primer was used yet again for YSL and heres some close ups:

On my cheeks, the colour isn’t patchy. It’s even and doesn’t really show too much of my pores considering I’m not primed. My forehead it did, and that’s why I would use a primer. But even in saying that, it wasn’t as bad as Maybelline’s, it noticeable fo’sure but not as much as Satin Liquid.

The darker forehead was bugging me, and the foundation had never done that before either. So I took all my foundation off to take a picture, because I thought it would be beneficial to see what my skin is like with no foundation. And thus I noticed, I have fake tan slightly on my forehead. Between my eyebrows and just above, that’s why the foundation was slightly darker. God knows how I managed it.

25371144_10155950925149483_293573977_o.jpgNo makeup face.


What I have learned through this experience is; I don’t like drugstore foundation. At first it was because all that was available to me was: Wrong skin matching, matte foundations and harsh chemicals to my sensitive skin. But now, I realise it’s so much more. My skin just doesn’t respond well to them, I was always aware that I had problematic skin when it came to what to put on it so I needed to beware, but now I know to the extent it is at.

If you don’t have smooth, generic, normal skin- drugstore foundation might not be for you. I feel they only offer to their majority audience. Oily, medium skin tone people that have normal skin. So, if you are on the lighter or darker end of skin tones, have sensitive or/and dry skin then these might not work for you. And in even saying that, somebodies dry skin will react differently to the mixture in the foundation than my skin. The way foundations are mixed, it could take to one skin and work great and not to the other. Everyone’s skin is different.

I don’t think people realise the massive science aspect in it all. But for me personally, I find high end foundation cater more to a variety of skin, because of the price. They have more resources, and more time and more of a reputation to get it right for everybody than drugstores do. Paying £5 for a shit foundation you’re like ‘that sucks but oh well’ but £30 for a shit foundation? You’d lose your shit…well I would.

I know what foundations work for my skin, and what to avoid, I have spent years figuring out what my skin responds better to and what it completely hates. And…unfortunately that is drugstore cheap foundation.

I hope you enjoyed these MANY pictures of my face everywhere and this review. And hopefully learned a little something too. Once again these are only my opinions and experiences and doesn’t mean that yours are wrong or this product wont work for you.


Until next time, mwah xox


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