Arkham Asylum – Mad Hatter Episode 1

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Arkham Asylum



Mad Hatter



By Kirsty Kell 2017©KellProductions



Episode 1


In a forest, a familiar forest, sits ‘The Mad Hatter’ in his domain. Sitting at the table set up for a tea party, a grand magnificent luxurious tea party. Everything is very colourful and bright, filling the atmosphere with joy and happiness. The Mad Hatter sitting at the top, observing his spread and feeling proud of himself. He’s in all green, bouncing around, excited, hyper. He looks like a cartoon character, very bold and distinctive facial features. Short and slender, very lively and energetic. Suddenly, he jumps off the table and bursts with anticipation.

Hatter: It’s almost time! She will be here soon.

Hare: Who Mad Hatter?

Hatter: Alice OF COURSE! It’s almost time.

Door mouse: Oh! It IS almost time.

Hatter: Be ready everyone! Stations! I want it all to be perfect! She will love it. My Alice


Everyone scatters to their positions, like playing a role in a play, prepared and ready. Everyone very excited and enthused. In their places stood like statues, they wait. And wait some more.


Door mouse: How long do we wait?

Hatter: Shh!

Hare: Soon I hope soon. I’m hurting.

Hatter: SHH!

They all go quiet again. And wait. Some time goes by and moral is starting to fall and so is the energy, a part from the Mad Hatter’s.

Door mouse: Uh. Uh. Ahhhh. I can’t hold it anymore.

The Door mouse relaxes, and like a domino effect so does the Hare. The Mad Hatter sees red.


Hare: But Hatter, it’s too hard.

Door Mouse: I am becoming stiff.


The Mad Hatter jumps down and circles them, getting more angered and getting aggressive.

Hatter: NO NO NO NO NO! This isn’t what is supposed to happen.

He starts stomping his feet, and storming back and forward.

Hatter: This isn’t supposed to happen.

Hare: Hatter yo-

Hatter: She’s supposed to be here

Door mouse: Please Hatter-

Hatter: She isn’t supposed to be this late.

The Hare and Door Mouse start to get very scared of the Mad Hatter as his aggression grows and eats away any joy and happiness there was. Mad Hatter points and the Hare


Hare: I don-


As his anger builds and builds he lashes out and smashes his cup on the table.

Hatter: No!

Quickly anger turns to sadness and realisation he’s went too far.

Hatter: This isn’t right. How did I do this? It’s not right.

The Mad Hatter frantically tries to fix the tea cup.

Hatter: I can fix this. I can fix it. It’ll be okay. She will come then.

The Hare circles him.

Hare: But will she?

Door mouse: Is Alice really coming?

Defeated the Mad Hatter slumps into his chair

Hatter: She is I swear.

Hare: You did it again Hatter.

Door mouse: Scared another one away

Hatter: I didn’t, I did it right this time.

Colours of the forest start to fade into ash, the flowers and trees slowly die and deteriorate. Everything turns grim and bleak. Beautiful rounded colours and shapes become ragged and sharp, dull and deathly. The forest floods with despair and terror. A terror of fear and loneliness. The Hare and Door mouse are now grotesque deformed creatures barely audible, demonised. This isn’t the beautiful Wonderland the Mad Hatter sought for, or craved. Depression sets into the Mad Hatter.

Hatter: She’s not coming?

Door mouse: No – Hatter – she – is not

Hare: You – are – all – alone

Door mouse: Always – alone

Hare: Friends? – People? – Love? –

Door mouse: Love – is – out of – your – reach – Hatter

Hare: You – don’t – deserve – love

Hatter: I do…

Hare: No – one – could love – you

Door mouse: No – one

Hatter: Alice?

Hare: She – will – never – come.

Door mouse: Never

Hatter: My Alice?

Door mouse: Never coming

Hare: All alone

Hatter: My Alice!

Hare: All – alone

Hatter: No…

Door mouse: All alone

Hatter: Stop!


Hatter: Alice? Help?

Hare: Alone –

Door mouse: Alone –

Hatter: Please –

Hare and Door mouse in chant:













Hatter: STOP!!! Just STOP! PLEASE –

The Mad Hatter throws his hands into his head. Beaten and overwhelmed. After some time to collect himself, he brings himself to look around. He sighs with disappointment, he’s back in his cell room. Same basic bed, basic toilet and basic sink. Nothing else. Nothing different. Everything still unwelcoming, miserable and dreary. Except his solace in the corner. His books are his relief, his passion, his life. His only bit of light in this dark, gloomy and sinister life. He looks down to see grasped in his hands his favourite book. One that he is obsessed with, infatuated with. It reads ‘Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland’ by Lewis Carroll. He clasps it close to his chest, and settles back down to try and make the perfect dream.


Arkham Asylum – Jane Doe Episode 6

Episode 6


Jane is consciously dragged in to the study room which she is all too familiar with. An orderly drags her in and the Doctor quickly follows behind; shutting and locking the door behind him. The room has a bed and chair but nothing else. Jane is weak from sleep and food deprivation


Doctor: Quickly, just put her on the bed.

Jane: Quickly? If I didn’t know any better Doctor, I’d think you were trying to keep me a secret.

Doctor: SHUT UP!

Jane: Touchy?

He ignores her comment and looks at the orderly.

Doctor: I want you to stand at the door, with your back to us. Do you understand? If you don’t see anything, you’re not a witness? Understood?

The orderly emotionlessly nods. He doesn’t seem concerned for Jane.

Jane: If I didn’t know any better I’d think this session is unauthorised Doctor…?

Doctor: You just wouldn’t bite would you?

Jane: Whatever do you mean?

Doctor: I thought we were moving somewhere with the –

Jane: The fear therapy? It was a fun time wasn’t it

Doctor: But no! You just wouldn’t give anything.

Jane: And here I was thinking all this was just fun for you?

Doctor: Oh, it is Jane.

The Doctor gets close to her face; she can feel his breath on her.

Doctor: Seeing you squirm, cry, terrified. Because you were Jane? Weren’t you? It was very satisfying to see. Unfortunately, I need results.

He moves away from her in frustration.

But they want it done by the book, but they don’t know. Don’t realise what you’re like. They’ll never get results that way.

Jane: But you know better?

Doctor: Exactly Jane. I do.

He moves to her

Doctor: You have had no sleep, no food, been through some of the worst tortures known to man and still tell me nothing.

Jane: Maybe we just aren’t meant to be Doctor –

Doctor: Jane…I am giving you one last chance. One. Tell me your name? Your actual name. Tell me something. Something true. Something authentic. Something real.

Jane looks at him, trying to hold back the emotions.

Jane: The truth? Something true? Something real?

Doctor: Yes Jane.

He says firmly. She turns and looks him directly in the eyes.

Jane: I will kill you. How’s that for the truth?

The Doctor pushes away from her. Angered and distressed.

Doctor: That was your last opportunity.

Jane: So what’s the plan today? More intimidation? More torture? Oh oh oh wait let me guess! A needle? Or serum of something? I don’t really fancy being distracted while you jam it into my neck. So why don’t we skip the dramatics and you just tell me!

Doctor: Maybe I am the one that is predictable now?

He softly and sarcastically laughs. He then pulls a syringe from his pocket and an unmarked vile.

Jane: So what’s that? More fear enhancing serums  

Jane says mockingly.

Doctor: No. Jane, it’s not.

The Doctor is oddly calm. Psychotically calm.

Doctor: This Jane is Sodium thiopental.

Jane: Sodium thuioo-

Doctor: Thiopental. It has multi-purposes but my purpose is to use it as a truth serum.

Jane: Truth serum? Have you completely lost your mind or am I just in on a bad joke?

Doctor: Believe me Jane, I am serious.

Jane: Do you actually believe this will work? You last success story with me was – Oh wait – there isn’t one.

Doctor: Funny as ever Jane. But it will work.

Jane: Nothing else has, so why not pin all your dreams on a fantasy. Seems logically enough at this stage Doctor

Doctor: I’ve underestimated you Jane. I’ll admit that. I underestimated your physical strength, I underestimated your mental strength and I underestimated you ability to survive. But I will not underestimate you in this. I have a theory about you.

Jane: Oh do tell! You never cease to intrigue me with your knowledge about me.

Doctor: Your body can handle and absorb things far quicker than the average person, which also means your body disposes of it just as quick. Fast system you have.

Jane: Did your tests tell you that? Or did you think of it all by your grown up self?

She says mockingly

Doctor: So, this time I’m going to give you double the recommended amount. Normally, that would kill someone. They use that dosage as the lethal injection in prisons. But I can we will be fine.

Jane quickly changes from quirky to concerned

Jane: And what if it does kill me? What if your theory is wrong?

Doctor: Then…oh well.

The Doctor moves over to Jane to inject her but she manages to muster some energy to attempt to fight back, but she is struggling. All she can do is squirm.

Doctor: Don’t fight it Jane. It will happen either way. It’s inevitable.

She continues to squirm

Doctor: Help me!

The Doctor orders the orderly. He comes to his aid and holds Jane down.

Doctor: What are you scared of Jane? The possibility you might die? Or the possibility we’ll know the real you.

Jane’s face loses all colour, she feels her blood run cold and her blood pressure drop. He injects her.

Jane: NO!

The Doctor has great satisfaction on his face. He instructs the orderly to go back to the door and he complies.

Doctor: I’ll just give that a few moments to work itself in.

Jane struggles with the pain, twisting and moaning.

Doctor: Painful isn’t it? That would be the dosage.

Jane: I will kill you

Doctor: That’s a wishful statement Jane, but it’s up for discussion if it’s the truth. Wishful truth maybe.

Jane looks away from him to try and conceal her pain and not let him know he is winning.

Doctor: Now Jane, what is your name?

Jane: No

She says trying to fight the serum

Doctor: Your name Jane?

Jane: Please no…

She is slowly losing the ability to fight it

Doctor: YOUR NAME?

Jane: I can’t – I can’t-



The Doctor is startled. This is the first time raw emotion has been shown. Jane looks broken to admit she doesn’t know

Doctor: What do you mean you don’t know Jane?

Jane: I don’t know my name. I don’t know my date of birth and I don’t know where I was born.

Doctor: How?

Jane: I was abandoned.

Doctor: Where?

Jane: I don’t know, I was young.

Doctor: How young?

Jane: Since I can remember. A baby.

Doctor: Tell me Jane, tell me everything.

Jane tries to struggle again and fight but she can’t

Doctor: Tell me Jane!

Jane: I was a baby, thrown away.

Doctor: Yes?

Jane: For as long as I remember, it’s been just me

Doctor: Did no one help you?

Jane lets out one tear that rolls down her face.

Jane: No. No one. Ever.

Doctor: Did you try and find your real parents?

Jane: Where do I look?

Doctor: Did you look for help?

Jane: I didn’t have anything.

Doctor: Someone could of –

Jane’s mind starts to block him out and she just continues talking. It’s the first time she’s ever said this out loud. It shakes her

Jane: I was alone.

No one knew me.

No one wanted to know me.

I didn’t have a name.

No one gave me a name.

I had nothing.

Always had nothing.

I was left when I was born.

Left in nothing

Left out nowhere

I wandered through life…with nothing.

I don’t know who I am

I am empty

I am incomplete

I am nothing


Jane snaps out of the trance and is back in the room with the Doctor.

Doctor: Did no one –

Jane: THERE WAS NO ONE! You want to know my name? I don’t have one. You wanted to know who I am? I don’t know. You wanted answers, reasons, motives, explanations? I can’t give you them.

Doctor: All those times I thought you were being difficult?

Jane: I didn’t have the answers you wanted. I didn’t have anything to give you. I didn’t have anything.

Jane feels vulnerable for the first time ever. She is truly stripped bare and exposed. This is the real her. And she doesn’t know what to do. The Doctor begins to frantically laugh. He can’t stop. Jane tears up.

Jane: Are you laughing at me right now?

Doctor: I am- sorry – I can’t – stop. It’s just so funny and ironic.

Jane: Funny? Ironic?

Doctor: You don’t know? don’t know? How amusing. Who would have thought.

As the Doctor continues to laugh, Jane feels violated. She was forced to reveal her horrors and is mocked for it. No choice, no option. Forced and violated.

Jane: So what now?

Doctor: I really don’t know Jane. I really don’t. I don’t know where to go from here.

Suddenly a riot can be heard. Everyone is startled as the sounds and noise of the rioters grow and begin to get closer.  The Doctors face turns from concerned to anxious, worrying like a child that is about to be caught being bad.

Doctor: Go check that will you! Lock the door behind you.

Orderly: Yes Doctor.

As the orderly leaves, the sounds escalate into screams and terror that flood the floors of the asylum. In all the commotion, the Doctor has forgot about Jane. Like a light switch going off, he turns to find her motionless, not breathing. He panics.

Doctor: Jane? JANE!

He tries to find a pulse but there isn’t one

Doctor: Damn, DAMN! It was too much. Shit.

He turns from her in a panic putting his head in his hands. Clueless, he doesn’t know what to do in the situation. But something clicks.

Doctor: The riot!

He thinks to himself that if he places her in the midst of the riot, that will explain how she died. His free pass to continue on with his life without any consequences. He quickly stands and turns to move her body but…she is gone.

Doctor: WHAT?

His heart sinks and his skin turns cold.

Doctor: Where is she?

A familiar and vengeful voice is heard behind him.

Jane: Looking for me?

He turns to see Jane, fierce and enraged.

Doctor: Jane?

She wraps her arms around his neck, twisting around him so he is backwards, his stomach facing the ceiling and his head above her shoulder. Ready to snap.

Doctor: Please Jane, plea-

The door unlocks and the Doctor is dropped to the ground. Before he can comprehend what has happening Jane is behind the door waiting. The orderly rushes in to find sanctuary from the riot but is met by Jane. She jumps on him, grasping her legs around his neck.

Jane: I told you, you were first.

She snaps his neck, allowing him to drop to the floor dead. She looks at the Doctor who is horrified and helpless.

Jane: And what did I tell you Doctor? Oh- Oh yes.

She slowly walks up to him. Knowing he can’t do anything, having great pleasure building the tension and his terror. She kneels down to him, and whispers in his ear.

Jane: I will break you.

She grasps his throat tight. Tighter and tighter until she hears bones crack. The Doctors eye begging, pleading with her until they lose all the life in them. Bones still cracking, almost ash. Once she has filled her need, she stops and looks at him. She undresses him, leaving him stripped bare and violated. She grabs the syringe and takes the end to carve out his face. After placing it onto hers, she gathers his clothes and possessions and puts them on, becoming hers. Once she has devoured his identity. She looks at his lifeless, powerless, vulnerable body. She bends down to him.

Jane: Who am I? I am Hugo Strange. Doctor Strange.

She leaves the room. Satisfied she is someone.


Arkham Asylum – Jane Doe Episode 5

Episode 5


Jane is in a blank white box room with nothing it. All she can see is the blinding lights on the ceiling, a light switch and the door. Everything else is painfully white. The Doctor walks in with a young man cowering in behind him. Jane is sitting in the corner.


Doctor: Good afternoon Jane, how are we today?

Jane: I am fabulous Doctor, as ever!

Doctor: You seem overly enthusiastic today? Are you sure you want to waste your energy on being sarcastic?

Jane: What do you mean waste? I have all the energy I’ll ever need.

The Doctor giggles

Doctor: Now Jane…

He bends down to her

I know that isn’t exactly true is it? How hungry are you? You must be so tired too?

Jane: You think depriving me of food and sleep will let you into my mind? You really do know nothing then!

Doctor: It’s not a way to get you to talk Jane. It’s to wear you down, break you. And it’s plain fun as well to be honest.

Jane: Why are you telling me if it’s to wear me down? Won’t that just make me want to fight more?

Doctor: See Jane, it doesn’t matter if I do tell you or don’t. Your body will get weaker. Your body will slow down. Your body will break. Whether you fight this or not. It doesn’t matter. And once you’re body is broken, so will your mind.

He begins to whisper

That’s how I win.

The Doctor stands up pleasantly and walks towards the man.

Jane: So what is it today the Doc? Doesn’t he seem a little young for an orderly. Doesn’t have many muscles to be your muscle.

Doctor: How rude of me! This is an intern Jane; he’s only here for a week. His name is Jonathan Crane. He is studying Psychology at Gotham University. I thought today I’d let him take the lead. He has some very interesting theories I’d like to see.

Crane: Hello Jane.

Doctor: You don’t need to be polite Jonathan. Just think of her as your test subject nothing more, okay?

Crane: Yes Doctor.

Doctor: Now Jane, Jonathan and I have come together to think of some great ways to help you. And young Jonathan is going to execute them today, with my supervision.

Jane: Well, can’t be any worse than your last exercises. Remind me Doctor, how did they go?

She begins to laugh at him. He isn’t amused.

Doctor: Let’s see how your spirit lasts after this Jane.

He turns to Crane

Don’t let me down.

Crane: I won’t.

The Doctor leaves the room.

Crane: He can be quite intimidating cant he?

Jane: Is that your experiment? To befriend me? Or is it just to be pathetic? Because you’ve got one of those definitely in the bag.

Crane: I just want to help you, Jane. Really help you. I just want to –

Jane: It’s very bold of him

Crane: What?

Jane: To leave you in a room with me…alone.

Crane: You won’t do anything.

Jane: Won’t I?

Jane tries to lunge at Crane but is badly coordinated, and slams into the side of the wall. She falls to her needs, breathless and tired.

Crane: What I meant to say Jane was, you can’t. You’re tired, weak. With no sleep you become slow and can’t coordinate correctly. Your reflexes are slow, response times are slow. Nothing you can do will change that. It’s pointless trying anything.

Jane: Are you here just to talk? Because I am just bored of it.

Crane: You’re right. I am just waffling. I am a bit nervous, this is my first patient test.

Jane: Poor you.

Crane: We should begin.

He walks up to Jane and pulls an syringe from his pocket and injects into her neck. Jane screams

Jane: What the hell is that?

Crane: Sorry, it was my first time injecting a live test. I was a bit…sloppy.

Jane: What was it??!!

Crane: It’s serum.

Jane: What serum?

Jane begins to feel anxious and jittery.

Crane: A fear enhancing serum.

Jane: What?

She tries to laugh

Crane: Everyone is scared of something Jane, even you.

Jane: do you really think this will work? You’re a bigger fool than he is!

Crane: We will see.

Crane walks out the room. Jane begins to feel the unstoppable fear set into her bones.

Jane: Wait! Where are you going? Come back here!

As he closes the door, moments later the lights are cut. Jane can’t stop the terror and horror that is filling her body. Nothing can be seen. Nothing can be heard. She tries to stand, feel her way around. She lets out a hurtful, painful scream. Then begins to manically laugh. Suddenly a slam is heard. She assumes someone has entered the room.

Jane: Who is there?

Jane can hear the piercing quietness fill her ears. It hurts.


Jane screams. More for her own benefit. The quietness is too much. She tries to feel around clueless. Stumbling through the dark on her knees scared. She abruptly feels something stop her wandering hands. It feels like a shoe or a foot but with rough itchy material. Suddenly she feels something throw her across the room as it lets out a roar. She tries to run but cant, she’s too weak. She tries to move somewhere, anywhere but quickly realises she’s trapped as she hits each wall with no exit. All the time feeling something’s eyes on her, it’s breath behind her, following her. She lets out screams


No matter where Jane goes she feels this heavy thing, creature on top of her. Always there. She can’t escape, there’s nothingness. She can’t escape the nothingness.

The Doctor walks in with Crane to find Jane curled up in the corner of the room muttering and crying to herself.

Crane: I think I did too much

Doctor: No, it’s perfect. Well Done

Crane: But she isn’t responding.

Doctor: That doesn’t matter. It’s about the long haul Jonathan. You need to learn that if you want to become a Doctor. This is good. This is what I want.


The Doctor looks at Jane with great satisfaction


I’m proud of you. This stuff is perfect.

Crane feels comfort and acceptance. He’s feels fulfillment from the Doctor. Accomplishment.

Doctor: Leave her now. Let her stew for a little longer. Come, and tell me more about your ideas.

They exit the room. Silence sweeps over Jane. She gradually turns to face the door. A blank expression on her face, slowly turns to anger.

Jane: I will break you









Arkham Asylum – Jane Doe Episode 4

Episode 4


Jane is ushered into a blank white room by an orderly.  She can see a therapy bed, chairs and computer equipment and a black mysterious box. Jane is sat on the bed.

Jane: Well isn’t this interesting?

The orderly doesn’t say anything

Jane: Oh, the silent type? I like that

The doctor walks in

Doctor: Good Evening Jane.

Jane: Doctor, only evening calls now? Am I just your booty call? Or what do the kids call it now? Your side chick?

She laughs.

Doctor: Your body responds better to situations in the evening, Quicker. It’s tired.

Jane: Once again Doctor, you have me confused! If it’s a tired body, how can it respond quickly and better?

Doctor: It responds better … for me. It is lost energy throughout the day, can’t fight back much. Not a lot of strength.

Jane: So that’s why you’ve be holding out on my meals. Not because you want me to lose weight then. You like you’re girls skinny?

She laughs again

Doctor: It is a necessary sacrifice.

Jane: So, some more hypnotherapy? Worn me down enough this time to make it work?

Doctor: I am a firm believer in learning from my mistakes. You are a lot stronger than I assumed, more strength than most people, most average humans.

Jane: There’s that word again Doctor, human?

The Doctor smiles.

Doctor: Don’t get offended Jane, it’s nothing personal. My only interest is to get to know you.

Jane: Funny, that’s my interest too.

Doctor: I’m not getting hooked into your little games again, your fake set ups. Why don’t we just get straight into it?

Jane: No foreplay, that’s a bit boring isn’t it? Is that why you’re single and never been married?

Doctor: How did you –

Jane: Like I said, you’re my interest too Doctor

The Doctor laughs, he amused.

Jane: Funny again am I?

Doctor: You’re becoming a little too predictable now Jane. I’m getting into your head. Knowing how you tick.

Jane: How so Doc-

Doctor: I’m not wearing a wedding ring. I spend most of my time at this asylum, my work is my passion, that is very clear. So your observation that I am an unmarried single man is nothing more than common sense. A simple tactic to scare me, Jane? Push me away? To make me think you’re on to me?

Jane is angered.

I get to know you more every day, the real you. I am the one that is in fact on to you.

Jane: Then why am I here if you already know me?

Doctor: Unfortunately, I am an impatient man. I want more – speedy –results, shall we say.

Jane: So… don’t keep a girl in suspense. What is it today? Pills? Needles? Bondage? You look like the type.

The Doctor opens the black box up, it has equipment in it. One of which is a head piece.


Jane: What’s that?

Jane: What’s that?

Doctor: This? This is used for Electrconvulsive Therapy.

Jane: Shock therapy?

Doctor: We prefer to call it Electroconvulsive Therapy. But if you prefer, yes shock therapy Jane.


The Doctor nods at the orderly who grabs Jane and pushes her on the bed. The Doctor comes over and straps her in. Jane doesn’t put up much of a struggle.


Doctor: You’re being surprising compliant Jane?

Jane says nothing.

Doctor: I don’t know if you are aware of ‘shock therapy’. Back in the day, the patients would be fully awake, given the treatment to stimulate a seizure to “reboot the system” so to speak; nothing else for the pain. Complete sober. But now a days, patients get put under, something given to protect the heart and muscle relaxers so everything is safe. You don’t even remember anything.

Jane: So why do it then?

Doctor: I think it’ll help you relax Jane. Feel…happier. More talkative. Might cure your anger even. Might even cure your mental health.

Jane: You think I am crazy? Got mental health issues? I am a nut?

The doctor starts to rub a liquid on either side of Jane’s temple.

Jane: What are you doing?

Doctor: Calm down, it’s okay. Now put this in your mouth.

Jane: What is it?

Doctor: It’s a mouth guard. It will stop you biting your tongue.

Jane: If I’m getting a muscle relaxer, why do I need a guard?


The doctor looks at the orderly and hands him the guard. He forces it into her mouth and holds her chin to ensure she doesn’t spit it out. He then puts a strap around her chin.


Doctor: Well the thing about me Jane is, I’m an old fashioned kind of guy.

The Doctor smirks as he puts the head device over her head and on her temples.

Doctor: This will cause a seizure, and it’s not going to be a pleasant experience, I’ll be honest with you. But relax, and enjoy the ride.

The Doctor turns on the machine Jane’s hooked up to. He is taking great pleasure in building the tension. He turns the knobs and slowly pushes a button. This causes Jane to fit, and thrash about the bed. The orderly goes over to hold her down. She eventually calms, and lies flat again.

Doctor: Take out her mouth piece!

The orderly complies.

Doctor: Jane? Jane? Can you hear me?

Jane weakly opens her mouth and lets out a pathetic yes.

Doctor: What is your name? Jane?! What is your real name? Jane?

Jane slowly looks at the Doctor, he seems so hopeful with his progress. She can barely lift or turn her head but she musters all her energy and looks him direct in the eyes.

Doctor: Your name?

 He whispers to her. Staring into his eyes, Jane let’s out a roar of laughter. Hysterical, crazy laughter.

Jane: I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t keep a straight face. You should see yourself!

She continues to laugh

Jane: You’re so pathetic, begging to know. You’ll never know nothing! Nothing you can ever do. “What is your name”

She mocks him, continuing with her crackling laughter. The Doctor is enraged and goes over to the machine, turns up the intensity.

Orderly: Her mouth guar-

The Doctor disregards the orderly’s comment and hits the button sending Jane into a rage of fits. Her body uncontrollable being sent into a frenzy. The orderly goes to hold her.

Doctor: LEAVE HER!

He stands back. Jane’s body still hammering down hard on the bed and being thrown every direction. She suddenly stops.

Doctor: Get her up, then get rid of her.

The Doctor storms out the room. The orderly goes to her and un-straps her, she slumps to the floor, limp, motionless. The orderly tries to lift her with no kindness, like she’s a heavy bit of flesh. Jane looks at him, straight in the eye.

Jane: I will kill you first.



Arkham Asylum – Jane Doe Episode 1

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Episode 1 – “I am Jane Doe.”


In an interview room, with a table, chairs on either side and a voice recorder on it, the guards bring in a female screaming and throwing herself about. She’s crying out how she’s not meant to be there. They sit her down and restrain her.

Guard #1: Sit down and stay there! The Doctor will be in shortly.

Girl: Who?

Guard #1: You know-

Guard #2: We’re not meant to talk to her.

Girl: Please, please. I’m not meant to be here. I dunno what I’ve done. I’m sorry.

Guard #1: Crazy bitch.


The guards leave with the girl still crying. She’s shaking with genuine fear and looks to be truly confused. In walks the Doctor.

Doctor: Hello Jane.

Girl: Who?

Doctor: Jane. Jane Doe

Girl: I don’t know who that is, please, I’ll do –

Doctor: Jane Doe. Female. Age unknown. American, notable serial killer, likes to become her victims. Can imitate them perfectly. Is that what you’re doing now? Imitating?

Girl: I don’t know what you’re talking about. My name is Jessica, Jessica Le-

Doctor: Jessica Lennon. Was that your last victim Jane? She was 24, worked as an attorney. Had access to a lot of information, what did you need to information for?

Girl: PLEASE! I don’t know what you’re talking about. I SWEAR!

She begins to cry

Why am I here?

Doctor: You seem like a very intelligent woman, actually according to your records and history, I know for a fact you are. So let’s cut the bullshit shall we? Do I look like the type of man to eventually believe you?


Girl still whimpering, looks directly at him for the first time remaining eye contact then completely changes. She stops instantly crying and sits up straight with pose.

Jane: I swear a few more minutes and you could of. Do you always swear at your patients? Is that allowed?

Doctor: If you believe you could convince me, why did you stop?

Jane: It wasn’t fun anymore. You seem like no fun

Doctor: Are you Jane Doe?

Jane Doe: That’s what your records say, then I must be.

Doctor: That isn’t a proper answer.

Jane: You didn’t ask a proper question.

Doctor: What is that meant to mean, Jane?

She doesn’t answer him

Doctor: Silent treatment already, we’ve only just started?

Jane laughs gently and smugly

Jane: Yes Doctor, it seems we have.



Aslyum’s Corner of Darkness

So this is a snippet from my book that I am currently 1/5 of the way through writing (WHAT! A fifth, I know insane) and thought it may be a good idea to show a somewhat teaser. There is so much to choose from, and so many amazing horror filled scene (Not that I’m big headed or anything). But I chose this one because it’s a perfect taster to show what is in the book, and work’s well standing on it’s on. Doesn’t spoil anything, don’t need any previous background, just a creepy snippet. Another reason I choose this part is because I’m actually not sure how creepy or good it really so it’s a part that’s expendable BUT I would like to have. Okay, enough of intro’s here is the money maker. Once again, feel free to lemme know what you think in the comments or if you’re too shy a like so at least I know it’s likeable.

Thanks all’




After a nap, since she doesn’t have anything else to do in a place like this, Belle is gently woken by a familiar voice.

“Belle? Belle. Hey, you need to wake up” says the gentle voice
“Alex? What’s going on” asks Belle
“It’s time silly”
“Time for what?”
“Time for your examination”

A confused Belle looks at Alex and see’s he has no eyes and a wide grin on his face. She tries to jolt up but can’t, something’s restricting her. She looks down but the bed sheets are covering her body so she doesn’t know what.

“Alex, what’s goin- what’s happening?”
“Time for you examination silly, it’s going to be all better soon”

Belle tries to struggle but cant. 2 orderlies come into the room, also with no eyes and the same grin. They start to move the bed that now has wheels. As they turn the bed and lead her through the bedroom door Belle tries to plead but no one is listening, they all just continue to have a wide grin on their faces. As she goes through her bedroom, she’s transported to the examination room that is similar to a surgery theatre. Doctor Effie is there with no eyes and a wide grin, cheerfully sharpening tools, humming to himself. The orderlies stop the bed bedside the table of operation tools that are glistering under the lights. Effie notices Belle.

“How are we today Belle?” says an overly cheery Doctor Effie. “I hope you doing very well indeed”
“Please, what’s going on” sobs Belle.
“Uh-Oh, did someone not tell you about your examination?” says Doctor Effie very cartoon like turning to Alex.
“Oh but I did! Someone is being a silly billy again”
Doctor Effie and Alex laugh together, and then Effie pops up beside Belle by the tools.
“My pretty blue Belle, today is your examination and we get to have some fun.”
“What does that mean?” says a worried Belle
“We get to find what you’re made of” Says Alex
Belle has a confused look on her face “What?”
“Uh-Oh! Someone’s spoiling it!” Says Doctor Effie
“Sorry!” says Alex once again cartoon like.
“Let me show you Belle.”

Doctor Effie flips of the bed sheet to reveal Belle’s arms and legs have been strapped down. Her feet have been removed from the ankle with dried blood covering the bottom, and her hands removed from the wrists. Her torso has been carved into, and chunks of body missing, organs and insides are visibly on display. Belle lets out a piercing cry as she looks at her disfigured body.

“As you can see Belle, we kind of already started without you.”
“But-But-But-“ Belle tries to find some breathe and speech
“Now the last thing” Says Alex
“What?!” shouts Belle
“Uh-oh! Some is ruining it again” says Effie. “Well Belle, I- haha Well Belle?!” Doctor Effie and Alex laugh again. “We have examined everything but one thing.”
“No please!” cries Belle
“Can you guess what it is?”
“Oh I can!” shouts Alex
“No no no, I asked Belle. Can you guess?” says a cheery Effie. He goes close to Belle’s ear as she continues to cry and something changes. All the grins turn to frowns and Effie is no longer overly cheery, he’s aggressive and angry.
“It’s your heart Belle, we need to examine your heart. But I figured you don’t need it” whispers Effie. “So why not TAKE IT OUT!” he shouts as he raises a sharp instrument going to strike her heart.

As Doctor Effie’s hand comes down to strike Belle, everything goes in slow motion as she lets out a scream. She can hears Alex in the background saying “Belle” over and over.

“Belle!” says Alex
“What?!” Belle says jolting up
“You fell asleep, we have group therapy in like 4 minutes” says Alex
“What?” Belle looks at her clock and realises she was dreaming, it was only a nightmare and has been asleep for 5 minutes. “Oh shit, right. Sorry, I’ll get up now”
“Are you okay?” asks Alex
Belle stares at his eyes and normal mouth, that of which she is used to. “Yeah I’m fine. Just a..a bad nap”
“You sure? You look pale”
“Yep, I am completely fine.”